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Thursday, October 5, 2000

The Future of x86 Performance

There's an excellent article over on Ace's Hardware entitled "The Future of x86 Performance". This highly technical article discusses why the P3 and Athlon are so close in speed when the specs seem to indicate the Athlon wooping up, and a review of possibilities in the future. Check it out.

SoF Gold Patch Tomorrow

A representative from Activision reported on the Raven support BBS that the patch to bring the regular version of Soldier of Fortune to the "Gold" version will be released tomorrow. Thanks Blue.

UT 432 Patch Changes

Unreality got their hands on a list of all the bug fixes and changes forthcoming in the 432 patch for Unreal Tournament. The most valuable fix, in my book, is removing the CD check. I'm not interested in making copies for anyone, I just find CD checks too annoying for words. Thanks Blue.

Be Afraid

Be very afraid. I know I am.

Team Reaction Interview

Hellhound has posted an interview with Team Reaction, the mod team behind Jailbreak for Quake III Arena. Jailbreak is one of my favorite mods. As soon as I get a few spare seconds, I'm going to write a review of the 1.0 release. Thanks Stomped.

Note to web authors everywhere: in English an apostrophe s denotes possession not plural. Some spelling and grammar mistakes are going to happen, but a quick proofreading usually does the trick. You'd think that 90% of the webmasters out there ride the short bus.

Detonator 3 6.31 Released

NVIDIA has released new Detonator 3 drivers (v6.31) for their family of cards from TNT through GeForce2 GTS. These drivers are supposed to improve performance on TNT and TNT2 cards. The other improvements include: Full support for all TwinView functionality (the dual-monitor support in the GeForce2 MX), new NVIDIA Desktop Manager, Digital Vibrance Control Slider, improved Anti-aliasing interfaces, and cursor trails.

Please note! For some reason the NVIDIA FTP server only has the 6.18 drivers. To get the 6.31s (dated September 20, oddly enough), use the HTTP link.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Too Weird

Just so you know, if you apply for this job, your resumé will not go to me. I seriously hope that's not that guy's real name . . .

The Master comments: Okay, that is just entirely TOO weird.

Make Something Unreal Winners

The winners in the Make Something Unreal contest have been (at long last) announced. The big winner is Holger Huck for Unreal4ever Tournament. A big "congratulations" to all the winners! Thanks Jeh.


Well, it just took me the better part of two days to update Licq (a Linux ICQ clone). If I ever recover, I might write about it. If I never see another broken dependency error in my life it will be too soon. Blech.

Maxtor buys Quantum

According to Yahoo! News, Maxtor Buying Quantum HDD for $1.08 Billion, which is a huge chunk of change, but makes Maxtor the equal of Seagate Technology in sales.

I hope Maxtor keeps up the quality of the Quantum line. Maxtor has not always been known for the quality of their drives (tho they make some seriously QUIET ones!) but this has changed in the last couple of years. The Quantum drives I've used personally have always been the fastest and most reliable of drives.

More *stuff* flying at gamefan

Another article up on on the situation with gamefan. It's looking ugly, including the news that VoodooExtreme is owed approximately $100k (WOW!)

Netscape 6 PR3 Released

AKA Mozilla 18, the new release is ready. You can pick up the Linux version, the Mac version, or, oh yeah, the Windows version. Initial reports are showing it to be more stable and faster than previous Mozilla releases. It'd be nice if it could be more stable than Communicator 4.7x.

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