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Friday, October 27, 2000

NFL Week #9

Eeyore's got her picks together early this week: Falcons, Jets, Browns, Lions, Dolphins, Vikings, Ravens, Giants, Saints, Rams, Cowboys, Chiefs, Raiders, Redskins.

A.T. Hun comments: Here are mine: Panthers, Bengals, Colts, Dolphins, Bucs, Jets, Steelers, Rams, Saints, Giants, Cowboys, Chiefs, Raiders, Redskins.

Na Pali Patch Released

Legend Entertainment's Craig Lafferty updated his .plan with word that the patch for the Unreal expansion pack "Return to Na Pali" has been released. Here's the full update:
OK, just in time for the weekend we have finally gotten the sign off on the Na Pali patch. It should be showing up at the link below within the next few hours (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Remember, this patch is for Return to Na Pali _ONLY_ (The Unreal add-on pack by Legend). This brings the Na Pali code base up to Unreal 226 along with the UT Interface. There is no need to use this patch on Unreal Gold as it already contains the latest code. Thanks for your patience with us while getting this out, unfortunately it was a bit out of my hands but for Na pali fans it is well worth the wait.


J.t.Qbe will love this one. Some crezzy folks have managed to get MAME (an arcade emulator) to work with a Laser Show Controller Card. It enables them to play old vector-based video games (like Asteroids, BattleZone, etc.) against buildings or even the clouds. The world's largest game of Tempest, anyone? Thanks Slashdot.

N.B. I saw this article early this morning, but the site was being thoroughly Slashdotted. I thought I'd wait to post until I could actually see the page :)

J.t.Qbe comments: You're lucky--I still haven't been able to get that page after trying all day! It sounds very cool, though--how about a life-sized game of Defender! Or Galaga! Hmmm, when I strike it rich, I may have to get one of those cards. . .

AllGames Resurrection

When Pseudo got sucked into the black hole that's been taking all kinds of dot coms with no point, purpose, business plan, effort to make a profit, etc., AllGames went with them. Well it seems that they've managed to get the AllGames Network back online. Hopefully they'll bring 240 Seconds of Gaming back too. Thanks Stomped.

Voodoo Extreme Back Online

Billy and the boys got their hamster-powered 286 back running again so Voodoo Extreme is back online, doing whatever exactly it is that they do. And no, they are no longer on the GameFan network. Thus GameFan managed to lose the only affiliate they had that was worth anything. It'd be a pity if they went under, wouldn't it?

SiN Patch?!?

Ritualistic has a new patch for an old game, SiN. The new patch adds Gamespy support and several CTF levels. You can download the patch, which is labeled as beta, here.

Microsoft Cracked

According to this MSNBC report, some crackers from Russia broke into Microsoft's network and got away with the source code to Office and Windows. As a matter of fact, they had access to the code for some three months. The great irony of the situation is that it seems that access was first gained by, you guessed it, someone running an email attachment! Maybe they'll consider taking the security of their products a little more seriously now. Thanks sCary.

UPDATE! I've seen a couple of news stories implying that the WINE (Windows emulator for Linux) team could benefit from this stolen source code. Hey folks, let's not drag the WINE team into this, as if they were somehow behind the theft or would even need to profit from it. They've been doing quite well on their own, I'm sure they have no interest in stolen material.

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Pondering the Imponderable

Congratulations, George, you bought yourself another World Series championship. Those of us who are fans of teams that can't make it in this big-money league couldn't be less thrilled.

@Home Strikes Back

An @Home (a cable ISP) user had his account quickly terminated after he posted some @Home documents outlining some of their tech support procedures. Allegedly the documents show how the tech support staff was trained to deal with problems and with refunds. @Home is hiding behind the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), claiming it was "proprietary information." More like "embarrasing information." Thanks Slashdot.

Not that you asked, but this is one of the main reasons I use EZ-Net for my Internet access. I got so sick of other companies assuming I was an idiot when something went wrong, yet never giving me a straight answer. I'm happy to be proven wrong (and I have been many times), but I'm not a moron. I have a Master's degree; I'm relatively well-versed in computer issues. EZ-Net is the first ISP I've ever dealt with that has always been straight-up with me and consistently knows what they're talking about. Even if someone offered faster or cheaper service (and, so far, no one has), I'd stick with them for that reason alone.

Na Pali Patch

Legend Entertainment's Craig Lafferty updated his .plan with word that a patch for the Unreal expansion pack, the Return to Na Pali, should be available today. Here's the scoop:
Barring any unforeseen problems, the patch for Return to Na Pali should be released sometime later today. All that is left is the official sign off (literally) from Infogrames test dept. This patch brings Return to Na Pali, the official mission pack for Unreal developed here at Legend, up to version 226, adding the latest D3D support and the UT interface as the new user interface among other things! I will post a link once I know it is live.
He also added this link which shows how stupid people are.

Diablo II Postmortem

Gamasutra has another in their line of game postmortems, this time talking about Diablo II. The game received mixed reviews, but has sold a million, billion, jillion copies. Like all the postmortems, it makes for an interesting read. Thanks Evil Avatar.

GeForce2 + Budget PC

I was going to post this on Tuesday when I originally saw it, but I forgot. Thankfully Slashdot rattled my memory. Sharky Extreme has posted an article asking the musical question, What happens when you put a GeForce2 GTS in a "value" PC? Their definition of "value" is a Celeron 600 or a Duron 700, still considerably faster than the machines The Master and I have. The article is enlightening, although I wish they would have benchmarked the same systems with older video cards (like, say, a TNT2 Ultra and an original GeForce with SDRAM). That way we'd know if the improvement in framerates justifies the higher price tag, or if we should just find a cheap TNT2 or get a GeForce2 MX.


Yes, kids, there's a new ICQ for Win32 on the loose. This time it's ICQ 2000b Beta 4.60 Build #3278. You can get it from the ICQ downloads page. As with all new ICQ releases, details are extremely sketchy on what is different. I believe that Mirabilis must be close to the record for "software with the longest amount of time in beta."

The Arena

The Arena, an illustrated story loosely based on Quake 3: Arena, has been placed online. This story was the winner in Anna Kang's Doom chess-set contest, and is rather interesting so far. I've had to stop reading myself, since I'm on work time right now :-)

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