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Thursday, November 2, 2000

Linux Shogo Demo Follow-Up

I finally got the demo to work by getting the very latest version of smpeg from Loki. Unfortunately, there is some sort of problem with the NVIDIA 0.9-5 drivers that causes the game to be impossibly slow with them. Loki had the same problem with UT and has a thunk to work around it. The software rendering mode works, sort of, but is very slow and beyond ugly. I guess I'll have to wait until newer NVIDIA drivers come out before I can really try it.

Testing. . . testing. . .

J.t.Qbe here, reporting from my new install of Mandrake 7.2, complete with the much-awaited KDE2. I'm using the Konqueror web-browser/file manager/toaster to add this bit of news, and it's working well. This is not your father's KDE--it's faster, slicker, prettier. Check it out--it's definitely worth a look!

A.T. Hun comments: Sweet! So I assume that means my copy is in the mail? :)

J.t.Qbe comments: They're going into the mailbox tomorrow. . .

Linux Shogo Demo

Hyperion Software has released the Linux version of Shogo as a demo version. Here's a selection from the readme:You can download the demo and the readme from LinuxGames.

Okay, A.T. & Wraith, you can quit hyperventilating now :-)

A.T. Hun comments: I updated my Haus of Shogo with the link to this new demo. I'll have a review of it posted soon. Looks like I'll have to get back to finishing off my Shogo walkthrough!

I'm currently downloading the demo. One weird thing is that Blue's News says that it is a 28M download, but the file that's downloading is 36M. Hmmmm.

OK, I just checked Linux Games. The file is actually 36M. Blue's News just has the wrong information.

Bad news, sports fans. I can't get the demo to run! I installed it, installed SDL 1.1, and (after it told me it needed it) smpeg-0.4. The launcher comes up OK, but when I click on "Launch Game" I get this error:

./client: error in loading shared libraries: ./client: undefined symbol: __builtin_vec_delete

As of right now, Hyperion's website says nothing about the demo at all. I hope to find an answer to this one soon.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

S3 == SONICblue

Everyone knows that your problems go away when you change your name! At least that's what the folks at SONICblue hope (I will refer to them from now on as "The Company Formerly Known as S3"). Here's a snip from the pr:
With the exit of its desktop and portable graphics chips and board businesses, SONICblue will be highly focused on digital media and information appliance opportunities.

Today's announcement marks a key turning point from S3's ten-year history in the PC graphics chip industry. SONICblue will apply its broad technology capabilities, brands, and financial resources to bring forward leadership products into the new target markets.
I love it when companies make up pseudo-mission-statements like the one in that last sentence. It sounds good, means nothing, and could apply to GM, IBM, organized crime, or just about anyone else. Good thing they didn't say anything about "utilizing synergy." The sad thing is they probably paid a small fortune and held many meetings to come up with that statement--not to mention the name "SONICblue" itself. Thanks Shugashack.

Squishie for Q3A

Our very own Wraith, the man who isn't happy unless he's coding like a madman, has decided to try to bring Squishie to Quake III Arena. Squishie is a Shogo mod that pitted "Squishies" (men) vs. the mechas. It is by far the most fun I've ever had with any mod. Currently he is looking for skinners, 2D artists, programmers, and mappers. If you are interested, check out his Squishie site for all the details.

Subscriptions and Napster

As a part of the ongoing legal wrangling between the recording industry and Napster, Napster and BMG formed an alliance to make BMG's catalogue available to Napster on a subscription basis. In other words, you can download whatever you like, but you'll have to pay. If the fees can be kept reasonably low, this could be a great idea for both Napster fans and the recording industry. Time will tell how this plays out. Thanks Slashdot.

AvantGo Channel

I sent an email back to the AvantGo representative who informed me that we had been accepted as an official AvantGo channel. Unfortunately, they haven't gotten around to adding us yet, even though I sent back the information over two weeks ago. I'll keep you posted.

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