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Monday, November 27, 2000

NFL Week #13 Final

Eeyore had another superb week with a 10-5 record. Sadly for her, she will not be victorious over me two weeks in a row because I did one better at 11-4. That brings my year-to-date record to 121-67 (.643) while Eeyore is 98-75 (.566). Next week's games look to be some doozies. We'll have to have our picks done early again since my Lions will be traveling to the land of 10,000 lakes to play the Vikings on Thursday.

Q3:TA Second Look

I played the Quake III: Team Arena demo online last night using my new graphics settings mentioned in my Q3:TA Tweaks article. We were just playing standard CTF, but it seemed fast-paced and fun. The server slowed down a bit when a bunch of people jumped on, but basically it worked pretty well. I still get some slowdowns in the central area of the map, but it is tolerable.

FPS Issues in Q3:TA Fixed?

id's Robert Duffy made a post on the Quake 3 World forums stating that the framerate slowdowns in Quake III: Team Arena have been fixed. Here's the word:
At this point I think we have the FPS issue resolved, a couple of things were going on. With everything turned on, TA may run a few FPS slower but it should not be significant. In many cases it is now running as fast or faster with Q3A maps.

We are going to do some more testing and tweaking this evening and tomorrow but the final point release and retail TA should not see these issues.
Unfortunately, he doesn't specify what was causing the slowdowns. I guess when they release a new patch or whatever I'll be able to see for myself. Thanks Shugashack.

Sunday, November 26, 2000

Q3:TA Demo Tweaking

As promised, I spent the better part of this afternoon running timedemos in the new Quake III: Team Arena demo to see how much I can improve my framerate. Around forty timedemos later, you can enjoy the fruits of my labors: Quake III: Team Arena Tweaks. While it has made a big difference in playability, my system still has a tough time on that demo map with five bots.

Dave Barry goes Postal on Sony

Eeyore caught Dave Barry's commentary in today's newspaper, and thankfully the Miami Herald has it online. Check it out, we got a HUGE laugh. Barry takes it to Sony for their inability to fulfill the needs of children salivating for a PlayStation2, the most overhyped, undersupplied game system on the market (is it? I haven't seen one yet myself...) today.

A.T. Hun comments: I'm a huge Dave Barry fan. I have five of his books and have read the rest from the library. Funny stuff. I usually save his column for my Sunday night reading.

Assault Bonus Pack Update

Eavy updated his Assault Bonus Pack page with an update to his original pack. It is available as a patch for those who have the Assault Bonus Pack already, or as a full download for those who don't. If you play Unreal Tournament and like the Assault gametype, this is a must-download. Thanks Blue.

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