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Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Q3:TA Preview

PC.IGN got a hands-on preview of Quake III: Team Arena at id Software. It really doesn't tell us anything new, but it does have some sweet new screenshots, particularly this one. Breathtaking. Thanks Blue.


At long last, we have a president, George W. Bush. I think I speak for everybody in the U.S. when I say, "Thank heavens that's over." I just listened to Vice President Al Gore's concession speech. It was very gracious and well-worded. I hope we can do what he said and move ahead as a country.

GreenMarine on Optimizing DNF

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart made a post on the 3D Realms messageboards about some of the ways they are trying to optimize the Unreal engine. They are trying to cut back on some of the CPU load and support hardware transform. Both of those are Good Things. We'll see how it worked out when Duke Nukem Forever comes out. Thanks Unreal Universe by way of Evil Avatar.

PowerPlay Pushed Off

Stomped talked with Matthew Lodge at Cisco about their PowerPlay initiative with Valve that is supposed to improve multiplayer gaming on the Internet, especially for 56K users. All's been quiet for a while and now we know why. PowerPlay 1.0 will not be out until sometime next year. It seems that a deal with a nationwide ISP fell through. At this point it remains vapor, and dubious vapor at that.

Update Complete

At long last, after what seems like endless Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V combos, I have all the pages on The Haus updated to the new look. The only one that I didn't change is the History page, which The Master will have to take care of, since I'm not a PHP hacker. I'm also not changing the format of my Haus of Shogo. If you find a page that is still in the old format or isn't displaying properly, please email me.

The Master comments: Okay, the History page is now complete as well.

PalmOS 4.0 Unveiled

Palm CEO Carl Yankowski showed off PalmOS 4.0 at their PalmSource developer conference. 4.0 will include support for 16 bit color, USB, and Bluetooth wireless. Gee, now with 16 bit color and USB, Palm has caught up to Handspring's tweaks to PalmOS 3.x! Thanks Slashdot.

Robert Duffy Interview

VoodooExtreme posted an interview with id's Robert Duffy about Quake III: Team Arena. Rather than rehashing everything that's already been asked, they ask more about Q3:TA's development.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

Haus Face-Lift

I finished the new design of the Haus. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. The Master is busy wielding his 1337 PHP coding skillz to get my design functional with our database. Then we get to start changing all the other pages because Mr. Smarty Webmaster (me) didn't make things as flexible as he thought when the Haus was originally laid out. Live and learn.

UPDATE! Well, what do you think of the new look? It's going to take a day or so until we get all the pages converted over to the new format, so please bear with us.

NFL Week #15 Final

The Monday Night game was the deciding factor this week. I won, ending the week 10-5. Eeyore went 9-6. Year-to-date I am 140-78 (.642) and Eeyore is 112-91 (.551). Only two weeks left in the regular season!

Oracle released their new portal service yesterday, which is similar in some respects to Microsoft's .Net strategy. Now, we'll ignore the fact that Microsoft's .Net strategy is like EVERY friggin internet business plan in existence, and check out Microsoft's response to the new Oracle service: "They have this skewed view of the world that nirvana is achieved when everyone is running Oracle everywhere."

Now, this comes from the company who's corporate statement for at LEAST 10 years was "Windows everywhere", and whose business strategy is to destroy anything that might threaten their 100% stranglehold on OSes!

J.t.Qbe comments: Hey, don't forget their new language "C#", Micro$oft's attempt to subvert C++ and destroy Java in one swipe. Yet again. Whatever happened to Cool, anyway? Anyone remember that?

Just remember, "Windows everywhere" can also mean "in the garbage."

The Master comments: While I agree on the garbage line, there's two major points against it, like it or not. #1: there is little support in the commercial software industry for OSes outside of Windows. id Software's retreat on commercial Linux games is an example (tho an iffy one to be sure). #2: I wouldn't want to train my PC users here at work in Linux. No thanks. While I like Linux a zillion percent for servers, and have been very impressed with it's desktop capabilities, it's still not ready to be given to PC newbies. I pray for the day this is no longer the case.

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