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Monday, December 18, 2000

NFL Week #16 Final

Did I mention that Warrick Dunn is my hero? Not only did he save me from the humiliation of a sub-.500 week, he also gave my Lions control of their own destiny for the playoffs. If the Lions win next Sunday, they are in and the defending Super Bowl champs are out.

At any rate, Eeyore and I were both 8-7. That brings my overall record to 148-85 (.635) and Eeyore is 120-98 (.550). Only one week left in the regular season!

3dfx Obituary

Gamecenter posted an obituary for 3dfx. It covers the history of the company, from what made it great to what made it fall. I question their timeline on a few issues, but it is a good summary. The good news for 3dfx folks is that NVIDIA announced that they were going to extend over 100 job offers to former 3dfx staff. Thanks VoodooExtreme.

This is another article where Rendition's Verite 1000 and 2000 series chips could have been mentioned more. They were a legitimate player in the 3D field until they fell on their faces with the 3000 series. In the cutthroat world of computing, you are only one product cycle away from extinction.

Q3A 1.27g Single Player Bug

I came across a bug in Quake III Arena single player with the 1.27g patch. Instead of using the frag limit for that level, it uses whatever the fraglimit cvar is set to. There are only two ways around this:
  1. Manually set fraglimit to whatever it should be for that level before you start it. The problem is that you need to know what it is supposed to be first.
  2. Once the map starts, pull down the console, type map_restart, and hit return. That will restart the map (duh) with a five second countdown and set the fraglimit to what it should be. Thankfully, with the new patch it doesn't have to load the entire level, all the entities, and all the models all over again.
UPDATE! 12/19 I've found that option #2 doesn't always work, especially if timelimit or fraglimit have already been set. It also has produced some weird errors for me (like on q3tourney2 where I ended up fighting two Hunters).

Pondering the Imponderable

I found out what was causing any version of WinAmp > 2.64 to GPF on me. I had an old DSP effect plug-in running that doesn't seem to like the newer WinAmps all that much. I tried to download the new version but the link on the plug-in's site is broken. Go figure.

I looked at some other plug-ins like this. I don't understand how people try to get away with charging $20 for a plug-in to a free program. Maybe I'm just getting too used to open-source stuff in Linux.

In other news, we're supposed to get up to another half-foot of snow today. Better saddle up the tauntauns.

Sunday, December 17, 2000

NFL Week #16 So Far: Upset City

I knew it was too good to be true. The picks looked too easy, and I was right. The day was filled with upsets. Some I'm happy about, like my Lions actually winning. I can take comfort that Eeyore's and my picks were exactly the same as ESPN NFL expert, Chris Mortensen. As of right now (assuming the Giants don't choke) we are both 7-7. If the Bucs lose on Monday, I'll suffer my first sub-.500 week of the season. Ouch.

Xian .plan update

Christian Antkow updated his .plan today with a listing of all the various taunt/command/response binds you can setup in Q3:TA. I'd post the whole update, but it's huge. Instead, here's a blipvert:
I received a few emails about people saying that the Offense and Defense voice chats don't appear to be working properly in the TA menus. If you're interested, here's the entire list of voice commands that you can bind.

To use these, do something like:

/bind o vsay_team onoffense // I'm going on offense
/bind p vsay_team ondefense // I'm going to defend the base
/bind o vsay taunt // Play a random taunt message

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