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Thursday, December 21, 2000

The Floppies

The third annual Floppies have been given out, detailing some of the "it's so bizarre it must be true" stories in the computing world from the last year. It's worth more than a few laughs. Thanks Slashdot.

Cool Palm Sounds

If you are bored with the default alarm sounds on your PalmOS PDA, check out the replacement sounds in Geek Sounds. Included are such favorites as the Star Wars Imperial March and the theme to Monty Python's Flying Circus. There's just something special about being reminded of an event with the theme from Battlestar Galactica :)

Pondering the Imponderable

A good, old-fashioned Alberta Clipper decided to come charging through here bringing bone-chilling temperatures that are causing my wireless Internet to go on the fritz. Joy.

I've been trying desperately to get someone at AvantGo to tell me why The Haus is not an official channel yet, even though we were told that it would be taken care of right after Thanksgiving (the last week in November). I'm getting sick and tired of chasing people trying to get an answer. You would think that it wouldn't be that terribly complicated of a process. I got PalmOS developer access much easier than this. I think it may be time to start searching for alternatives, if such alternatives exist.

Q3A 1.27 source released

Robert Duffy updated his .plan with word that the Q3A source code has been updated:
The 1.27 game source and the tool source has been put up on our ftp site. This game source contains prebuilt tools in the bin_nt directory but there is not yet a user friendly version of the tool installer done. A tool install that contains additional media for Team Arena creation, entity definitions etc. will be released shortly ( mid January-ish ). Timothee and his crew should be releasing GTKRadiant that WILL be user friendly soon ( next week as I hear it ).

The source for the tools is also available. Graeme is going to be releasing the ROQ endocer today or tomorrow I believe. Enjoy.

Hard Drive Copy Protection

The Register reported on plans to add copy protection to ATA and SCSI hard drives. Wonderful. Make life difficult for computer users by assuming that they are all theives. I can't wait to see how quickly it is hacked around. Thanks Stomped.

Q3A 1.27g Single-Player Woes

I'm still having trouble getting the single-player mode to work correctly in Quake III Arena since I applied the 1.27g patch. Rather than rehash the whole thing, I will simply point you to the thread on the Quake3World Technology & Troubleshooting forum where I made a post this morning. If anyone has any solutions, feel free to post them there.

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

PHP 4.04 released

The Zend/PHP group has released version 4.04 of the PHP web scripting language for download over on the PHP website. This is touted as the most stable of all the 4.x releases, and considering what I saw on the develop list, I'd have to agree. PHP users-this is a must download :-)

Want a 3dfx Card? Better hurry!

A memo has been sent out to all Best Buy stores, instructing them to pull all 3dfx cards off the shelves since 3dfx tech support is due to cease in February. Here's a snip:
3dfx announced today that they have signed a definitive agreement with Nvidia Corporation to sell to them most of 3dfx's assets. With this agreement it has also been announced that 3dfx will discontinue techincal support after Feb. 15th. Concidering the nature of this product, we feel that continuing to provide this product to our customers will jeopardize their satisfaction with both BBY and the product long term.

We are asking that you pull all 3dfx skus listed below off of your shelves and hold in the warehouse. The product will then be sent during our January brown goods return. Your complete execution is needed on this.
Thanks Voodoo Extreme, who also linked to this Firing Squad interview with 3dfx's Scott Taylor.

More Ways to Tax Us into Oblivion

A bipartisan group is planning to encourage president-elect George W. Bush to push to bring broadband to our nation's schools. In case you might think that this group has a clue of what it's talking about, here's a snip:
Based on its findings, the commission said a "national mobilization" is necessary, one that "evokes a response similar in scope to other great American opportunities or crises" such as the historic race to the moon or finding a cure for polio.
Oh yes, getting broadband in classrooms is just as important as fighting a deadly and crippling disease. Oh yeah. Sure. Thankfully, there is another group that seems a bit more sane:
A coalition known as the Alliance for Childhood is calling for a moratorium on new spending in educational technology until research shows that technology has a positive impact on learning.
Here's an idea, how about we make sure that teachers earn a living wage, then we can start talking about other things. This all sounds like another classic case of "if you throw money at a problem, it's bound to go away". Thanks Shugashack.

GameSpy Buys Mplayer

For reasons unknown, GameSpy has purchased Mplayer. I have no idea why anyone would want Mplayer. The only thing I can figure is that it was either a) buy Mplayer or b) throw money directly into trash cans. Thanks Blue.

The Master comments: I know why they bought Mplayer: GlobalRankings.

Heavy Metal: FAKK2 Postmortem

Gamasutra posted yet another of their great game postmortems, this time about Ritual's Heavy Metal: FAKK2. The article is written by Scott Alden, formerly of Ritual. He was a programmer for FAKK2 and is now working on Duke Nukem Forever for 3D Realms. Thanks sCary.

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