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Wednesday, December 20, 2000

More Ways to Tax Us into Oblivion

A bipartisan group is planning to encourage president-elect George W. Bush to push to bring broadband to our nation's schools. In case you might think that this group has a clue of what it's talking about, here's a snip:
Based on its findings, the commission said a "national mobilization" is necessary, one that "evokes a response similar in scope to other great American opportunities or crises" such as the historic race to the moon or finding a cure for polio.
Oh yes, getting broadband in classrooms is just as important as fighting a deadly and crippling disease. Oh yeah. Sure. Thankfully, there is another group that seems a bit more sane:
A coalition known as the Alliance for Childhood is calling for a moratorium on new spending in educational technology until research shows that technology has a positive impact on learning.
Here's an idea, how about we make sure that teachers earn a living wage, then we can start talking about other things. This all sounds like another classic case of "if you throw money at a problem, it's bound to go away". Thanks Shugashack.

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