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Friday, January 12, 2001


Welp, upgraded the mighty PC today, added a Pentium 3 550 as an upgrade for my old Celeron 300A. FWIW, I'm now running an Asus P2B, 192mb RAM, P3-550, PCI Riva TNT (16mb)video. With A.T.'s ultra-speed tweaks I get 28.8 FPS on mpdemo2, 34.0 FPS on 117demo1, and 35.1 FPS on 117demo002. If that's not proof of why you need a good video card, I don't know what is.

Mozilla TABLE Width Bug Fixed

A bug in recent Mozilla builds (including 0.7) that causes tables occasionally to expand to 100% width for no apparent reason has been fixed! I'm going to download the new nightly build when it comes out and check it out. That bug caused me to sign up and vote for that bug to be a high priority, since it really screws up the Haus's design.

Converted Q3A Demos

That crezzy Requ!em reports on the Barry's World forums that someone came up with a utility to convert Quake III Arena 1.17 demos to 1.27. The utility is beta so caveat emptor. Thanks Stomped.

UPDATE! If the updated demo001 is actually the same as the 1.17 version, my framerates are 12% faster using 1.27h than 1.17. Cool stuff.

NOLF Tools Released

The No One Lives Forever Team updated their collective .plan to announce that the tools for making maps and mods have been released. It will be interesting to see if the tools have improved at all since the days of Shogo and Blood II.

Shogo and NVIDIA in Linux Update

I just got email from Hyperion's Thomas Frieden saying that he was unable to solve the problem that exists with the Linux version of Shogo and TNTs/TNT2s with the NVIDIA drivers (story). Hopefully, NVIDIA will get on the stick and fix this bug since it is messing up more than a few games. It's been many months since they've updated those drivers.

QuakeForge Project Update

The QuakeForge Project (an open-source improvement on the GPL'd Quake I code) has released beta 6 with a whole slew of improvements. Check it out! Thanks Blue's News.

Black Hole Evidence?

OK, I know this isn't the standard Haus fare, but I still find it amazing. Scientists may have gotten proof of the existence of black holes. Black holes are regions of intense gravity from which not even light can escape. They found this evidence by studying ultraviolet light in the area of what is believed to be a black hole. Kinda frightening, actually. Thanks Slashdot.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

Q3JB Updated for 1.27

One of my favorite Quake III Arena mods, Jailbreak, has finally been upgraded to work with the Q3A 1.27 patch. You can download a 334K upgrade if you've already downloaded v1.0, or a 52.5M download if you don't have the mod yet. Thanks Stomped.

UT EAX Effects

Creative has released EAX effects for Unreal Tournament. This first download is for the deathmatch maps. EAX effects for the other game types will be forthcoming. Thanks Blue's News.

UPDATE! 8:30 P.M. I installed the effects and tried them out for myself. They are very nice and add a touch of realism without being overbearing. I found that it was much easier to find people by listening (something I had problems with in regular UT). Even better, now 3D sound doesn't seem to cause the big framerate hit it used to. Very nice indeed.

Q3:TA Model Gestures

Requ!em on the Quake 3 World forums pointed to this page that lists a number of undocumented hand gestures that the Quake III: Team Arena models can do. I don't know how useful this would be in the heat of battle, but it is kind of neat.

Q3:TA 1.27h Tweaks

Recently, id released the 1.27h beta patch for Quake III: Team Arena. Besides fixing bugs, it also gave some very nice framerate increases. How nice? Well check out my new Q3:TA 1.27h Tweaks article. How much of a speed-up can you get? Quite a bit! Read the article to find out just how much!

Mandrake 6.x and 7.x Security Updates

A whole slew of security updates came through today for Mandrake 6.x and 7.x. Make sure to fire up Mandrake Update so you are all up to date. I know I did. Thanks Linux Today. Somehow they always manage to get the alerts before I ever get email about them from the announce list.

PCI Dreamcast This Summer?

Sega is reportedly working on a PCI Dreamcast card, that will allow PC users to play Dreamcast games. Here's a snip:
We've known for some time now that Sega would be releasing a Dreamcast card that makes a PC capable of playing Dreamcast games. Nikkei reports that this card will make use of the Dreamcast on a chip design. It will be released to Japan in the Summer and will be followed in the Fall by an external device for notebook computers. While nothing seems to be set in stone as far as pricing is concerned, it's expected that both will cost around $100.
This has been rumored for some time but this is the first "proof" I've seen of it. If M$ can bring the PC to consoles via the XBox, why can't Sega bring consoles to the PC via the Dreamcast? Thanks Shugashack.

Rob Elam Interview

Moby Games interviewed Rob Elam, the man behind One Must Fall: 2097 and the forthcoming One Must Fall: Battlegrounds. He talks about the design plan for OMF:BG, what will be taken from OMF:2097, and what new things are planned. Thanks Blue's News.

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