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Monday, January 29, 2001


After my therapy on my hand today, they wrapped my injured fingers with a different kind of bandage. It keeps them protected better and it is slightly sticky so now I can actually use my trackball with my right hand again. I tried playing a bit of Q3A. It worked pretty well, except I found out that it's going to be some time before I'm used to having a half-inch-shorter index finger. Bumping up the mouse sensitivity helped, but it made everything jerkier. Guess I'll just have to practice :)

Borland to announce Kylix

According to a ZDNet article Borland's Kylix for Linux comes into focus, Borland's new visual development tool for Linux is to be released February 15th. Kylix is based on Borland's Delphi product, which I HIGHLY recommend for Windows app development. This tool may just make me switch to Linux full time :-)

Linux Tribes 2 on Track

Michael Vance, the programmmer who had been working on the Linux port of Tribes 2 for Loki made a post on Linux Games saying that the port is up-to-date with the Win32 version and on Voodoo Extreme that the port has been passed on to another programmer since he is leaving Loki.

This issue is a good example of everything that's wrong with online gaming media. One site proclaimed the port was "borked?" another exclaimed "No Linux Tribes 2?" Hey folks, get the facts. This irresponsible reporting caused an awful lot of (gullible) people to freak out on messageboards, not because there were any facts behind the situation, but some sites felt like posting without verifying. And then we wonder why developers like 3D Realms say nothing about their upcoming products?

Case Leaves Ion

Stevie "Killcreek" Case, the only game developer whom you could not bury at sea, announced on her official website that she is leaving Ion Storm effective January 31. No official word on what her next move is, although I suppose "setting the women's movement back 100 years" isn't out of the question (a move I wholeheartedly applaud). Thanks sCary.

Pondering the Imponderable

Well, today I formally begin my rehab for my wounded hand. Hopefully this will mean a quick(er) return to two-handed typing and playing some Quake III: Team Arena. I've jumped on to a couple public servers recently and just spectated so I could play vicariously. A liitle piece of advice from the Hun: if you have an opportunity to injure your dominant hand, don't.

Many schools around here are closing at noon because of an approaching ice storm. Just what I need, a gimpy hand and a 75% better chance of falling.

Sunday, January 28, 2001

Super Bowl Prognostication

I'm going to a Super Bowl party this afternoon (more emphasis on "party" than "Super Bowl"). In a game that should have viewers shooting out their T.V.s en masse by the third quarter, I predict that the Giants will beat the Ravens by a final score of 3-2.

The Master comments: That game sucked. Nuff' said.

A.T. Hun comments: Agreed, but the party I went to was fun. My vote for the best commercial is the one with the running of the squirrels. Couldn't have been a great ad though, since I don't remember what company it was for.

The Master comments: Doesn't surprise me that you don't remember the company. They're an E-Biz company and they have NO idea how to sell themselves in a commercial-but it was a funny commercial.

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