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Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Devine on Mac Q3A

id's Graeme Devine updated his .plan with a report on Quake III Arena on the various Mac OSs as well as a bit of a requiem for the Dreamcast.
Mac OS 9.1 Quake3Arena.

As many other developers have noticed, there's a little work to be done to make our games compatible with the new 9.1 release of MacOS. I've yet to address the issues, but will do as soon as I can. Once those are cleared up I'll release a build. There's a significant speedup over the current debug build out there.

Mac OS 9.1 Quake3Arena Altivec.

The Altivec version of Q3A is awesome. Unfortunately there is a bug in the Metrowerks compiler Altivec support which means I'm waiting on the update for the compiler. Metrowerks is currently QAing a build of their compiler with this fix included. For those x86 people out there who wonder what the Altivec is, it's the super computer part of the G4 chip that Apple touts in it's commercials. It really is incredible, and really does make a "super computer power" difference in application that support it.

Mac OS X Quake3Arena.

I'll release it along with the next release of the Mac build.


I read today in a news report that the Dreamcast failed to compete with the "more powerful Nintendo 64 and Playstation". Wow. I was under the impression the Dreamcast kicked their butts. The Dreamcast is a great machine, I'm saddened by todays news.

Dreamcast No More

This Yahoo Finance article seems to provide the proof that Sega is indeed dropping the Dreamcast. The company will begin writing software for other consoles. In a related story, Sega announced that they will be writing games for PalmOS devices. Thanks Blue.

Stomped provided a link to an even better article on the dropping of the Dreamcast on They estimate that Sega could write-down as much as $1.12 billion in losses. Ouch.

Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Pet Peeves

I'm glad that I'm not the only one with this particular hang-up. It's enough to make me want to snap my fingertips off. Oh, wait . . .

Q3:TA Test Server

id's Eric Webb made his first-ever .plan update with news that id has set up a Quake III: Team Arena server to track down a crash. Here's the full scoop:
We've been working hard the last few days trying to track down a dedicated server crash. I've got a server running here at Id that should give us a pretty good indication of what's going on next time it goes down, so feel free to hop in and play. This particular server cycles through the Team Arena terrain maps, so you have to have TA installed. Have fun!

The address:

Disabling File Protection on WinME

WindowsME comes with some "features" to protect the casual user from himself. Some of them, like file protection, come at a price of loss of disk space. The Ars Technica staff shows you how to remove file protection and gain back that lost space. Personally, I wouldn't install WinME in the first place. From the things I've been hearing about Whistler, I'd better get my Linux box up to snuff because my days as a predominately Windows user may be drawing to a close.

Linux Kernel 2.4.1 Released

What more do I need to say? Check out the changelog then start downloading! Thanks Slashdot.

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