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Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Pondering the Imponderable

I just saw this on a Slashdot post:
37% of your base are belong to IRS
It's funny now, but I've a feeling it won't be quite so funny next Tuesday when I do my taxes.

Along those same lines, faithful reader Quakerboy found this news item on that bastion of journalistic integrity, the Onion, which I copy in its entirety:
Congress Adds 'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' Amendment To Bankruptcy Bill

WASHINGTON, DC-- Seeking to increase fiscal accountability among citizens who have no chance to survive make their time, the House of Representatives added an "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" amendment Monday to H.R. 333, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2001. "What you say!!!" shouted the bill's sponsor, Rep. George Gekas (R-PA), following the amendment's approval. "This bill will not only make debt-ridden Americans more accountable, but it has the added benefit of taking off every 'zig' for great justice." Opponents of the amendment protested that it would potentially set up U.S. the bomb.

Doom for Game Boy Advance

Blue got his hands on an Activision press release announcing some of the new games for the Game Boy Advance. Most interesting is this one:

Based on the most popular action-shooter of all time, id Software's DOOM for Game Boy Advance features all of the frenetic, adrenaline pumping action and immersive gameplay from the original PC game. True to the original, the game features an advanced 3D graphics engine and an onslaught of horrific demons. DOOM challenges players to face off against attacks from cyber-organic creatures and demons in a timeless battle of skill and firepower.
Portable Doom . . . too cool for words.

Kyro II Review

AnandTech has a review of the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500, powered by the Kyro II chip from Imagination Technologies. The Kyro II is a descendant of the PowerVR chips and is based on tile-rendering technology. The benchmarks are impressive for the most part, especially for a $149 board. It takes a beating in games that make use of hardware T&L though, since the Kyro II has no T&L engine. My only concern from that standpoint is, while it works great with today's games, you have to wonder what's going to happen with the games that come out around Christmas. Thanks to our very own J for the link.

Derek Smart Video

Since they are the kind and giving souls they are, the folks at Something Awful have produced a promotional video for Derek Smart's Desktop Commander. After struggling to get Battlecruiser Millenium to run (although I finally did get it working) I found this to be a riot. Check it out.

Monday, March 19, 2001

Tribes 2 Goes Gold

Sierra's Tribes 2 page is reporting that the game has at long last gone gold. It should arrive on store shelves during the first week in April. Thanks Blue.

RedHat Network Furor

Slashdot has a rather poorly titled news article "No More Free Updates for Red Hat". Part of it is true, Red Hat will begin charging $19.95/mo to use their automatic updating service. However, the Red Hat Network FAQ makes it clear that you will still get one subscription free:
Q: What does Red Hat Network and Software Manager cost?

A: Registering with Red Hat Network is free and creating system profiles is free. Every customer receives a free Software Manager subscription for one system. Additional subscriptions are $19.95/month for each system. Red Hat is offering a special introductory $9.95/month rate for systems subscribed before April 6.
So people like me with one computer will still be able to use it free of charge. Actually, most of the comments on /. are rather supportive of RH. As long as its still free for individual users, I'm not sure what the big problem is. RH has to pay for the bandwidth somehow.

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