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Saturday, April 7, 2001

Generations Arena

PlanetQuake linked to a pretty cool team-based mod for Quake III Arena called Generations Arena. The five classes are the characters from the five id games: Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Quake II, and Quake III Arena. Each will have the weapons and abilities from that particular game (for example, Doom will be able to run like the wind and Grunt will have a HyperBlaster).

It looks to be extremely cool. All the models, etc., are original. They resemble the ones from the original games but no models, etc., were just converted. They have a movie of the Doom class which is worth checking out. This mod might just change my mind about team-based gameplay.

Even better, they plan to include a remake of The Master's and my favorite Quake map, E1M8 "Ziggurat Vertigo".

The Master comments: Oh, yeah-oh yeah, ohyeah ohyeah :-)

Friday, April 6, 2001

Tim Sweeney Interview

Gamasutra posted a quite long interview with Tim Sweeney that covers just about every aspect of his programming career at Epic. Check it out for a look at where the industry was, is, and might be in the future. Thanks Blue.

More Engrish

If you thought "All Your Base" was hysterical, wait until you see this. It is the instructions for some kind of Japanese toy. This is completely indescribable, except maybe by saying, "May pre house the seamy side volitation!" And I mean that. Thanks to Count Fragula on the PlanetShogo forums for that one.

Blue Shift Interview

Stomped interviewed Gearbox's Randy Pitchford about their upcoming PC port of Half-Life: Blue Shift and the included high-definition pack. Here's a kibble:
Stomped: The press release stated that while the PC version of Blue Shift is a stand alone product the Half-Life HD pack will work on all Half-Life games. Can you explain this more fully?

Pitchford: Blue Shift (and the included Opposing Force in the North American version) are totally stand alone. There are some simple installation options that allow users to install or uninstall the High Definition content to any of their Half-Life games at any time including the original Half-Life (which isn't included with Blue Shift). So, in addition to the all-new game (Blue Shift) there's a lot more great Half-Life content in the package. I honestly don't know what the retailers will end up charging for the package, but I bet it will be easy to find it for less than $30 - which is a great value for the amount of stuff included.
Methinks I'll be snagging this when it hits the shelves this summer.

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