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Thursday, April 26, 2001

Freelancer Interview

The Lancer's Reactor interviewed Digital Anvil's Jorg Neumann about their upcoming game, Freelancer. This game still sound like it could be Elite for the 21st century. If it is, you might never be able to tear me away from my computer. Thanks Blue.

Carmack Interview

There's a short interview with John Carmack up on GameSpy. They talk about what John has done in the industry and what he sees coming. It's a short interview, but worth the read. Thanks Blue.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

New Shogo Level Walkthrough

Upon special request from a devoted reader, I have posted a walkthrough of the Shogo level 21_Maritropa2: City on Fire. It's one of the toughest levels in Shogo, so make sure to check it out. While you're at it, check out all the fun at my Haus of Shogo!

Linux Spreading Rapidly in Latin America

Check out this article at about the rapid spread of Linux in Latin America. More and more we're seeing Linux and free software put computing into the hands of less-wealthy countries, and that's a Good Thing. For many of us, Linux is an option--we can afford that $90 for Windows and more for other proprietary software. For most people in developing countries, Linux and free software are the ONLY option. It gives them a chance to compete and a chance to take care of their own people without sending all their money to the US to pay for software. Good stuff here. Don't miss it. Thanks Linux Today.

id Responds to Lawsuit

id Software's CEO, Todd Hollenshead has replied to a lawsuit filed by several of the Columbine families.
After reviewing the lawsuit, Hollenshead found that the case is almost identical to the suit filed in 1999 after the Heath High School shooting in Paducah, Ky. All claims in that case were dismissed by a federal judge last April. He added, "As with the Kentucky litigation, their claims are utterly without merit and we will vigorously defend ourselves."
When will we, as a country, learn that hiring lawyers is not a way to solve our problems--even ones as tragic as the Columbine shootings? Thanks Stomped.

<Editorial Mode> Recently, someone seriously suggested to me that I should sue the manufacturer of my snowthrower since I am now short three fingertips. The sad truth is that I would probably have a case and could win some money. But I absolutely, positively refuse to because it was my own carelessness that caused it. On top of it all, money won't make my fingertips magically reappear. If we don't get a good dose of common sense and conscience in this country, we're up a creek.</Editorial Mode>


I finally managed to get WordPerfect 8 for Linux installed on my Red Het 7.1 system. After digging around I found a solution. Following advice on the WP8 for Linux newsgroup, I installed the following two files off my Red Hat 6.2 CD:If you don't have a Red Hat 6.2 disc handy, you can get the files from your friendly local Red Hat mirror. Once those were installed, the installation program ran fine. Kind of silly, but it works. Hopefully that will not cause some other problems.

I never got printing to work right under Mandrake (their CUPS printing system is a nightmare, IMO). It worked right the first time with Red Hat 7.1. I'm certain now that WordPerfect will be my word processor of choice in Linux. I'd like to buy the latest version though so I can get TrueType support.

And yes, Qbe was right. StarOffice is a great big pig.

NSIS-Check This Out

Justin Frankel of Nullsoft has not only written one of the most popular MP3 players around, but he also wrote a really nice installer app which he calls NSIS-and it's FREE. If you're a programmer, and you're tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money for installer software for Windows, be SURE to check this out.

Obi-Wan for Xbox

According to MSXBox, one of the XBox games to be demoed at E3 is Obi-Wan, for the XBox. My vision has been proven to be correct :-)

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