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Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Jedi Knight II Next Spring? is reporting that LucasArts revealed that Jedi Knight II is in development:
BIG NEWS! LucasArts has announced "Star Wars, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight II". It's being developed with Raven Software on a modified Quake III engine. It's expected to be released next Spring.
Oh please, oh please, oh please let this be true! Thanks Blue.

UGO Goes for the Jugular

Whelp it appears that UGO has sent email to its affiliates putting the stranglehold on them.
UGO handed out contracts last week saying we [UGO affiliates] must forfeit all our rights to previously owed money and rights to sue them to get those last 2 checks. Yes that's right, if we don't sign a paper saying we wont sue them they will withhold 2 months of payments they already owe and have available to them.
Ahh the screams of terror as the dot coms collapse. I must agree with this poster who had this to say about the whole fiasco:
The days of getting paid 6 figures a year (or even five) for cutting and pasting news, or using the words "pimpdaddy smackdown" on your website is way over. It's a wonder UGO lasted as long as they did. Those who are smart, like OMM, saw the writing on the wall and made contingency plans.


Will Blue (or even the /. guys) continue to make a living this way? Probably not, he'll have to get a day job or start selling original content. But at least the sites will continue for those who want to run it as a hobby, and they wont have to worry about bandwidth costs.

To think that anyone could make a living, or even deserve to, simply posting links readers send in is a little ludicrous. And yeah I understand the irony that that is exactly how /. works.
This information and the subsequent post are both on Slashdot.

Just as an aside, I have to laugh about all these gaming sites pleading poverty, yet they still send a couple of people out to E3 so they can send in news slower than if they just had the companies send press CDs to them. Poverty indeed.

DNF Trailer

CNNfn (of all places) has a streaming version of the Duke Nukem Forever movie available for viewing. Choose Duke Nukem Forever from the drop down menu on the upper right part of that page. A non-streaming version is expected to be released tomorrow. Thanks Blue.

Win2K SP2 Released

The Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 has been released. All you Win2K folks, get downloading! Welcome to Hell, here's your accordion.

The Master comments: **fzzzshhhhissh** AAAAAaAaaaaaarrrrggghhhh...

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

Somebody slap M$

Just had a very interesting article sent to me by DT on Microsoft's Upgrade Ultimatum. Read. Discuss. Arm your nukes and pitch at Redmond. Bleargh.

A.T. Hun comments: *cough* Linux *cough*

The Master comments: Unfortunately, it's not that easy. While personal users can afford sacrificing whatever data is locked into M$ proprietary servers and files, businesses cannot. And that is precisely who M$ is attacking to finance their gross profits. So those companies that are now on Microsoft Exchange Server, or any of the other plethora of BackOffice servers, are pretty much stuck there, helpless targets for the Microsoft spider.

Team Haus Update

Just a quick update on our Team Haus effort. It seems that United Devices finally got the team stats figured out. Team Haus members, check your stats on that page to make sure they are correct. Mine look fine. We have almost reached a full year of CPU time, thanks in large part to Chet "Don't Call Me Skippy" Stuart and Crawl "Just Crawl" Duescher.

Opera 5 for Linux Released

Yep, you heard it here first: Opera has just released the Linux build of version 5 of its web browser. Get it here.

Is it coincidence? This morning I closed Netscrape on my Windoze box and got a Windows registry error message. Now it won't boot. If I have to reinstall Windows (and bother to reinstall Windows at all), Netscape will no longer be welcome. I've been a Netscape zealot for years, but this is The End.

The Master comments: It never ceases to amaze me how easy Windows makes it to corrupt the most vital portion of the O/S. How about a transactional method of accessing the damn registry, M$?!?

J.t.Qbe comments: When the integrity of the entire OS depends on that file, it should not be so easy to destroy. It should at least be easier to recover. And come on Microsoft: give us TEXT configuration files, not BINARY!!! Binary is a disaster waiting to happen. Oh wait, it already did.

The Master responds: Yes-which is why I argue for at LEAST a transactional model for registry files-all operations on a registry file should be atomic, and logged. If one fails, or the system fails for some reason, the operation should roll back as if it never happened. Better still would be if the registry automatically protected boot-level keys so if one was corrupted it could roll back to whenever the changes began to that key. But, I'm dreaming, so I'll got back to programming now . . .

A.T. Hun comments: I really don't have anything to add other than I feel the almost urgent need to comment.

The Master comments: Ah, you were just feeling left out :-)

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