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Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Caught in a Hailstorm

OpenP2P has an interesting article on Microsoft's Hailstorm service, a major part of its .NET initiative. The article does a good job of explaining exactly what Hailstorm is proposed to be and what its impact might be. It's actually kind of scary when you come right down to it. I wonder who will be the first to hack it? Thanks Slashdot.

The Master comments: Two words: BIG BROTHER. Microsoft is aiming to become Big Brother. I do hope people realize the privacy implications in this plan of M$es.

Update! Visor ROM Transfer

I updated my article on Transferring Visor ROM with a USB Cradle with some new information I was sent by a loyal reader (thanks, Graham!) on transferring the ROM from a Visor Prism.

Setting Up the PRC Tools in Linux

I've been trying to get into PalmOS programming for some time. Even though Palm has released some very nice tools for developers, I haven't found any good HOWTOs about installing them properly. Since I figured it out the hard way, I figured I would write my own HOWTO. Check out Setting Up the PRC Tools in Linux. I tell you what files you will need and how to work around the common "gotchas". Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Syncing AvantGo in Linux

I just discovered this neat plug-in for JPilot (a Linux Palm Desktop replacement) called SyncMal which allows you to sync your AvantGo channels in Linux. AvantGo even has instructions on how to get AvantGo running in Linux from scratch, although *nix is not officially supported.

You will also need the JPilot source and the malsync source to get SyncMal to compile. Having said that, I followed the instructions in the SyncMal README and everything compiled just fine. The only problem was that the make install step put the plugins in /usr/local/lib/jpilot/plugins/ but JPilot was looking for them in /usr/lib/jpilot/plugins/. That was easily fixed.

My First PalmOS Program

Yesterday I finished my first-ever PalmOS program. OK, calling it "mine" is a bit of a stretch since all I did was change some things in the "Hello World" program that came with my book. Still, it shows that I am learning something about all this PalmOS stuff slowly but surely. Now to write a real first program.

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