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Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Netscape 6.1 Released

Netscape has released version 6.1 of their web browser. This version is based on Mozilla 0.9.1. If you have been using Netscape 6, this is a must-upgrade. Or just get Mozilla 0.9.1 . . .

SoF Goes Gamespy

Raven's Rick Johnson updated his .plan with word of a new patch for Soldier of Fortune that will dump WON authentication.
As you may have read, we will be releasing a patch for SoF which will be adding direct GameSpy support. We've also addressed a few minor deathmatch issues. The patch is going through QA and should be out "soon". Around that time, I will also release a new SDK for SoF which will contain the SoF Gold Game source.
Hopefully Loki will have a similar patch for the Linux version soon.

Tuesday, June 12, 2001

Mission Accomplished

Whelp, I finally finished Half-Life. An amazing game, no doubt about it. It finally gives Dark Forces some competition for "best single player experience" of any shooter I've played. So now I've finished Quake, Quake II, and Half-Life after owning all three games for quite some time. Now the only game I have that I never made it all the way through is TIE Fighter. Actually I finished that one too, I just never finished the expansion packs.

Now I can get back to my Linux port of Soldier of Fortune . . .

And now I can justify buying the OpFor/Blue Shift bundle :)

The Master comments: A.T. graciously got me addicted to this game again. H-L is an awesome game. But I've got one complaint. I don't know about anyone else, but I am ABSOLUTELY SICK of jumping puzzles. Gack.

A.T. Hun comments: Agreed. While the jumping puzzles are at least different and innovative, there are far too many of them. The ones on Xen are particularly annoying.

Toshiba+TENG=No Worky

We recently purchased The Emperor's New Groove on DVD, since it's one of the funniest Disney movies I've ever seen. Threw that disk into the Toshiba DVD player, and guess what? It plays for garbage. Sound drops in entire scenes, static washes through others, you name it. Called Toshiba, they say they've received "hundreds of complaints" on this DVD, and it's a press issue with the DVD.

So, we contacted Disney today, and up to the point that the CSR was informed that we had already contacted Toshiba, she was ready to dump the problem on our DVD player. Once we let her know we'd called Toshiba, suddenly the problem was with a "small subset of the DVD market-so we're not going to re-press the disks. Sorry". Well, that is just exquisite B$ if there ever was. We didn't just test one disk mind you-we tried at least 5 different disks, from 3 stores, a Disney store, and from BlockBuster.

Thank you Disney-I love the focus on profit you showed me today.

Fear of an ASP Planet

SiliconValley's Dan Gilmour writes about concerns as software providers shift from products to services. His argument is the main reason I'm not going to touch HailStorm with a 25 foot pole. What is M$ decides to rewrite the EULA? What is they decide to charge more so I can have access to my data? Sorry, but no thanks. Thanks Slashdot.

The Master comments: I'd say something, but I'm saving it for a Master .plan

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