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Saturday, July 21, 2001

Linux for Guitarists

As an aspiring (read: bad) guitarist, this article really caught my eye. It gives an overview of several handy guitar programs for Linux, including tab writers and players, effects, and even rhythm machines. Cool stuff. Thanks Linux Today.

SirCam Worm on the Loose

CNet is reporting about a new worm spreading via email. I got one of these this morning. Thankfully, I adhered to my policy of deleting any email with an attachment that I was not expecting. Of course, I don't use Outlook nor do I have the version bundled with Win98 installed, so I was (relatively) safe anyway.

WinCE 3.0 Core Source Released

In case your curious what Microsoft's "Shared Source" idea is all about, you can snag the Windows CE 3.0 core source code. You will need to agree to this license and be signed up for Microsoft Passport. Thanks Slashdot.

UPDATE! Apparently if you are a member of the MS Developer Network, this code has been available for some time. The license is pretty restrictive if you have commerical aspirations, so I don't know how much good it would do you to have it, unless you are developing free (as in beer) software for WinCE. Having said that, maybe this is a sign that "competition" from open source software is leading MS to loosen up a bit?

Max Payne Requirements

Stomped got their hands on the system requirements for Remedy/3D Realms' Max Payne.
Minimum Requirements:
450MHz AMD / Intel Processor
16MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card

Recommended System:
700 MHz AMD / Intel Processor
128 MB RAM
32 MB Direct3D Compatible Graphics Card
In other words: don't bother wasting your time downloading the demo, A.T. Hun. 700Mhz recommended CPU. Gak. And you just know that won't let you run everything at full detail. I guess the name "Max Payne" may be more appropriate than we originally thought.

Friday, July 20, 2001

Shawn Gordon Interview

Slashdot interviewed Shawn Gordon, the president and CEO of theKompany. theKompany makes applications primarily for the Linux KDE desktop. I've been looking at their program Kapital to replace Quicken. I think these guys are doing open source The Right Way by releasing their core libraries as open source and selling their apps.

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