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Monday, August 6, 2001

Ummmm, Yeah

Just remember kids, crack kills. Somebody hose him down. Or give him a sedative. Or a clue. Thanks Stomped.

J.t.Qbe comments: That was scary. And nauseating. I think ol' Steve needs to lose some weight and get some exercise. And a life.

Wolfenstein Multiplayer

PC.IGN has an interview with id's Todd Hollenshead and Robert Duffy and Nerve's Brandon James about the multiplayer aspect of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Gray Matter is doing the single player part of the game while Nerve was recently contracted to do all the multiplayer stuff. It sounds like id has learned from the criticism they got for Q3A and is really planning on putting out quite the title. I know I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Blue's News.

Now if I could just get someone to tell me if there will be Linux support . . .

More Shogo 2 Info

There is some more rumors floating around about the possibility of Shogo 2 seeing the light of day. Check out the info at my Haus of Shogo.

Pondering the Imponderable

I finally got some software to work with my APC Back-UPS Office 500 in Linux. APC's Linux software supports all their uninterruptible power supplies except the Back-UPS Office. Thankfully I found this open source APC UPS Daemon which works like a charm. Why open source software can support it but APC's own can't is beyond me, but hey, it works. I even tested it the hard way (i.e. pull the plug and wait).

And yes, the NFL pre-season gets officially underway with tonight's Monday Night Football game! I'd best start doing some research since my fantasy football draft is coming up soon. I'll have to try to talk Eeyore into predicting the games again this year.

In the "And you thought The Phantom Menace was a dumb title" department, the title for the next Star Wars movie has been announced. You might want to sit down. It will be Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. *cough* I suppose Lucas could have called it Send in the Clones.

The Master comments: Eeyore's picks for this week: Hall-of-Fame game: Dolphins; Week 1 Preseason: Jaguars, Lions, Giants, Seahawks, Titans, Jets, Packers, Broncos, 49ers, Raiders, Bills, Redskins, Eagles, Bucs.

Sunday, August 5, 2001

BattleTech Is Dead-Long Live BattleTech

Just got done reading some stuff on, and some other stuff over on WizKids Battletech website, and it's official. BattleTech, as those who played and loved it for 20 years, is dead. They're remaking it into a new "clickbase" system, and moving the story 20 years in the future so they can toss the current storyline. Blech. Oh, well. I rarely have time for the game anymore anyway, so I'm not going to shed many tears. Heck, Eeyore will probably celebrate the death of one of my extensive list of hobbies :-)

New Master .plan

I've posted a new Master .plan, with some commentary on the Code Red Virus. Check it out: Those who do not remember history...

Make that Code Red II

Several reports are circulating that a new variant of the Code Red worm called Code Red II is making its way around the Net. Once again it attacks Win2K/NT boxes running MS's IIS webserver. This version opens up a backdoor on any infected system. If servers have not been patched, it may be too late. Security News Portal tells what it does. It's not good, folks. Basically I can pick any of the I.P.s that are attempting to contact me and immediately telnet to their box. Think there are going to be a few DDoS attacks coming up soon? J.t.Qbe just moved to Michigan and his brand new cable modem's activity light is almost always on from this thing.

Update! There is a discussion on this worm over on the Gibson Research website.

The Master comments: I can confirm for sure that The Haus has seen at least one hit from this worm. So it's on the loose kids.

J.t.Qbe comments: Over the last few days I've watched this grow into a storm--my cable modem's data LED is constantly blinking, from once every few seconds (a few days ago) to numerous times per second. Think there'll be any backlash against IIS over this one? I'm not holding my breath.

UPDATE! 11:23 P.M. Bugtraq has the lowdown on Code Red II. This is not just a modification of Code Red, it's a whole new animal with a similar attack pattern. Apparently, like Code Red, it does not affect WinNT 4.0, just Win2K servers. I was not aware of that limitation. Mea culpa. Fortunately it seems like it can be removed relatively easily . . . assuming the server has not been compromised further.

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