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Friday, September 28, 2001

Mac Q3A 1.30 Patch

id's Graeme Devine updated his .plan with news that the Mac Classic 1.30 patch for Quake III Arena/Team Arena is now available from id's FTP site. Blue also has some mirrors available.

Be Careful What You Read

Last month Slashdot posted a story about an Oklahoma ISP tech named Brian West who was supposedly arrested for informing a competing ISP about a security flaw in their system. The Slashdot community naturally broke out its usual anti-government rhetoric and sent many flame mails to the prosecutor. Well, there was a follow-up this week where it appears that Mr. West was not as cherubic as he was portrayed. Here's the real scoop from the trial press release. Here's a taste:
WEST penetrated a security hole in the website of the Poteau Daily News and Sun, employed a user ID and password, and downloaded computer files of value. WEST reported to the newspaper editor that he had penetrated the website, accessed the site using a username and password, and downloaded several files. West told the newspaper editor that his intrusion accidental. The website owner reported the unauthorized access to law enforcement authorities.

Pursuant to an application for search warrant, a United States Magistrate-Judge ordered a search of WEST's employer's place of business. Files which WEST had downloaded from the website were found on WEST's laptop. A copy of the search warrant was left with WEST's employer as provided by law. WEST was not arrested nor charged at the time. Subsequent investigation revealed that WEST had downloaded the computer files, was in the process of rewriting the files, and intended to market the revised software program.
So he wasn't a "white hat" hacker after all, he was a common thief. Wired has more information too.

Just a Little Slimy

That's how I felt when I read this post on Stomped. Basically they are asking readers to pay $2 per month to keep the site afloat and Redwood on board. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say they let the news of Redwood's departure get out so that they could come back with this ploy. Let's not kid ourselves, Stomped is a business. They didn't have to open up a big gaming center in the Twin Cities. I have real trouble with sites begging for money simply because they failed to grasp simple economics.

Here's my ultimatum to gaming sites. If you want my cash, you'd better do more than copy-and-paste news. I can do that and still hold down a full-time job. I subscribe to because they're specialized subscriber content is worth the money. So far, I've seen little added value at most sites other than a tag by your name on their forums and you get to keep your favorite cyber-personalities around. Whee.

While I'm ranting, I also get cheesed off when sites ask for money, but then the news posters talk about their new car (far nicer than mine), where they are going for vacation (Vacation? What's that?), or anything along that line. I am not particularly inclined to hand over cash to support someone's lifestyle that is considerably better than mine. I'm not intending to gripe about my lot in life. I'm quite happy with what I have. Just don't expect me to feel much sympathy when you are living better than I.

Thursday, September 27, 2001


I've been suffering through 4 days of living h311 with Time Warner's RoadRunner service. For those who believe all the hype in the ads they've been running: I'm dropping every other packet I transmit. My latency is in the thousands. This service is CRAP. I told them about the problems on SUNDAY, and it's THURSDAY and it's still torked out. Gads-I'd be doing better on a 26k dialup right now.

Okay, I think I'm all better now.

A.T. Hun comments: Which gives me the opportunity to say once again that EZ-Net rules. My 512K DSL is bulletproof. I mean bulletproof. I couldn't be happier.

J.t.Qbe comments: My @Home cable service has been pretty good, all in all. Windows 95 is another story--who is the bozo who thought that a binary registry is a good idea? This morning my Win95 system went down for good, and even restoring the registry doesn't get rid of the registry errors. Fortunately, I still have Linux on that box and a brand spanking new Win2K system from work, so I have all my bases covered.

Q3A 1.30 Patch Released

id has released the 1.30 patch for Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena. Currently only the Win32 version is out. You can get it through the auto-updater or download the whole 25.5M point release. Check out Blue's News for a handy list of mirrors. Hopefully it won't be too long for the Linux and Mac versions.

UPDATE! The Linux version is available from id's FTP site which is, of course, getting hammered. I'll try to find a mirror. In the meantime you can read the 1.30 README at

UPDATE #2! Blue's News now has some handy mirrors for the Linux version of the patch too.

VE Is Back . . . Sorta

VoodooExtreme is back online, but without Billy "Wicked" Wilson according to the first post from Apache. Some of the comments on that post seem to indicate that he was basically forced out. Billy certainly did seem to have an "in" with various developers. Can't say that I'll miss his rather sophomoric sense of humor though.

Q3A 1.30 Tonight!

Blue got word that id is planning on releasing the 1.30 (non-beta) patch for Quake III Arena and Quake III: Team Arena. The Win32 version should be out at 5:30 P.M. U.S. Central Time while the Linux version will be out later tonight or tomorrow. No word on the Mac version. Blue also posted the changelog for version 1.30. Hopefully the fixed the names-with-spaces bug too.

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