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Friday, November 9, 2001

Halo Review

Apache at VoodooExtreme has posted his review of Bungie's Halo for the X-Box. I won't give the whole review away, but he says that it supplants Half-Life as the best first-person shooter ever. High praise indeed.

Another IE Hole

Yes kids, another Internet Explorer 5.5/6.0 security hole. This one exposes any information stored in cookies. As usual, disable scripting. Thankfully M$ seized the moral high ground and blamed the reporter. Here's a snip:
Why isn't there a patch available for this issue?

The person who discovered this vulnerability has chosen to handle it irresponsibly , and has deliberately made this issue public only a few days after reporting it to Microsoft. It is simply not possible to build, test and release a patch within this timeframe and still meet reasonable quality standards.
It's like this: if you use IE's active scripting you are playing with fire. Yes, disabling it will also cause some IE-specific pages to cease functioning, but until MS proves it really cares about their users' security (pause for incredulous laughter) it is the only way to go. Or use Mozilla. Thanks Slashdot.

Thursday, November 8, 2001

Trackers Down

Our news and finger trackers are going to be down for the time being. Webdog is hosted by Blue's News, so they will be down as long as Blue's is down. Hopefully it won't take more than 24 hours. If not, my guess is that they won't be in a big hurry to work on weekends.

Bailing on Broadband?

I saw a link to this CNet article on several sites. They claim that more people are ditching broadband for modems. While the cost savings are somewhat obvious, there is one thing that they don't mention in the article. Many broadband providers are struggling to provide decent service and have customer support personnel who are ill-equipped to actually answer questions. I do agree that the lack of a "killer app" is a major key. For those of us who like playing online games and downloading Linux ISOs, the benefits are obvious. They aren't so obvious for the majority though.

Grab a Shovel!

It's time to bury the UGO network. Most of their affiliates are being yanked out tonight. That means no Blue's News and other sites for at least a day. While I feel badly for the sites that had to scramble to get hosting, I am very pleased that UGO is dead. This brings to an end their sophomoric ad campaigns once and for all. Good riddance.

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