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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Wolfie Goes Gold!

Blue's News got word from Activision that Gray Matter, Nerve, and id's Return to Castle Wolfenstein has gone gold! It should appear in stores next week! Boy, and just think that I was about to send Christmas gift suggestions to someone. Hmmm. What an amazing coincidence :)

Update: Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan on the news.

More Ponderings

The Taliban has abandoned Kabul and is on the run. Those great big bombs we have sting, don't they? Let those other nations harboring these terrorists be forewarned. You're on the clock.

The Master comments: The terrorists who thought attacking the United States was a good idea were very much mistaken. This country may not be good at everything, but we excel at making war. We only ever "lost" one, and that was because we didn't know how to fight it. I think we knew how to fight this one tho.

Diablo II 1.09c Released

The 1.09c patch for Diablo II and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack has been released. It does contain the system reporting DLL which sends non-personal information about your PC back to Blizzard. If you don't want to participate, uncheck the box during the patch installation. Very easy. The patch is currently only available by starting the game and logging on to Battle.Net.

Pondering the Imponderable

I've found a new thing to hate on the Internet now. Flash ads. Especially sites with six of them on a page.

SoF II Release Date

Computer and Video claims to have confirmed the release of Soldier of Fortune II with Activision. The game is supposed to be released in the middle of February 2002. Hopefully Loki can crank out a Linux port too . . . Thanks Blue's News.

The State of the Unreal Engine

CG Online has a brief write-up on the Unreal Engine. It covers some of the major changes that took place between Unreal and Unreal Tournament and now also between Unreal Tournament and the forthcoming Unreal 2. It's not too terribly technical, so never fear. Thanks Blue.


Wizardry 8 hit the stores on Tuesday (only Electronics Boutique, though), so I took a 75 mile drive to the closest one to get the thing. A.T. and I went there once, 12 or 13 years ago. Warning: if you're buying Wiz8, open the box in the store when you buy it and verify that you have 3 different CDs. Some boxes are turning out to have duplicates.

While I was there I got them to give me a price match on Civ III (Best Buy has it for $34.99 this week), and I found Wizards & Warriors for $9.99 too. Yep, with a new baby in the house I'm really going to have time to play 3 new games. . .

Would've posted this Tuesday, but I slept through the end of the day. If you've ever had a new baby at home, you know what I mean.

A.T. Hun comments: Hmmm. I think I know the feeling . . .

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

NFL Week #9 Final

Eeyore and I ended up tied at 10-5 this weekend. Quite nice, actually. That brings my year-to-date total up to 78-50 (.609) and Eeyore is 70-58 (.547). My fantasy team was doing well until Shaun Alexander blew up in the Sunday night game. Grr.

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