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Thursday, February 21, 2002

Pondering the Imponderable

As The Master hinted, things have been a bit nuts around here. I nearly gave myself a case of death driving through yesterday's snowstorm. I've never driven through anything like that before and I hope I don't ever have to again.

I have managed to sneak in a bit of gaming on my new system. The game du jour is Serious Sam: Second Encounter. I must say that I'm having a lot more fun with the full version than I did with the demo. For $15, it was a steal.

I redownloaded the United Devices client so I could let this CPU rip for a while and see how well my cooling holds out. After some SS:SE and now running the UD client for eight minutes it's up to 41C, which is the highest I've seen it after playing games. Hopefully it will stick around there. 60C is when the warnings go off.

UPDATE! After two hours, the temperature remained 41C. Even better, once I turned off the UD client, the temperature immediately began to drop. After about four minutes, it was down 5C to around its normal temperature. I guess my extra case fan is paying off!


I've been sick most of this week, and it appears that A.T. has been busy himself, and, heck, things are slower than molasses in the FPS gaming news world right now anyway. So, I'm gonna babble :-)

Played a little Q3A single-player against Xaero the other night. Two rounds of smack around, and I totalled his butt. Now, if I could only learn to use the stupid rail gun I'd be good. Just don't have the reflexes for that one I guess. I've also been playing a lot of Master of Orion 2. What a great game--when you don't manage to get yourself pinned into a corner, or get into a battle with the Antarans that causes the game to crash. Too bad people can't buy that one anymore, or I'd recommend it highly.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Be Inc. Sues Microsoft

The Register reports that Be Inc. is suing Microsoft for destruction of its business. Juicy details. I found BeOS for a few bucks at the local Borders Outlet store and it's a neat OS, but it's tough to compete when Microsoft owns the desktop. Apparently Microsoft destroyed Be's last chances. Bill Gates, you're evil.

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