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Saturday, February 23, 2002

Comdex Registration

My Comdex registration badge and information came in the mail today. It even says, "Content Director: TheHaus.Net" on it. I'll be driving down to Chicago and spending the day there on March 5. It should be interesting. I hope to hit a brewpub or two while I'm down there too. A man's got to have his priorities . . .

Friday, February 22, 2002

Wal-Mart Offers OS-Free PCs is now offering the option to buy a PC without an operating system. Whether this goes anywhere or not remains to be seen. As the article points out, the cost of Windows is a rather high proportion of the cost of a low-end box. I'm surprised that MS isn't throwing a fit. Of course, they can't afford to alienate the largest retailer on the planet, either. Thanks Linux Today.

Like Some Cheese with That Whine?

Well, it's happened. The Russians are protesting last night's women's figure skating results, even though everyone who saw it felt that Sarah Hughes was by far the best and the Russian had some wobbly landings. Now they are threatening to walk out of the games. If the USA-Russia hockey game actually happens, I hope our boys win 10-0 so they have to go shut up.

The Master comments: Nah, I'm sure they'll blame that on the altitude or something and demand we lower Salt Lake City. Nimrods. Most of the countries that go into these games don't walk with tons of medals. Russia also doesn't dump half their economy into winning an olympic game anymore. I think it's time they get over themselves. Jeez.

UPDATE! Team USA just beat Russia 3-2. The US almost blew a three goal lead. All three of their goals were on the power-play, so I'd imagine there will be some whining about that too.

Linux Will Succeed on the Desktop

Or so claims this ZDNet commentary. The reasons he gives are compelling. KDE is every bit as easy to use (actually, even more so) than Windows. You can even configure it to work exactly like Windows--although there are good reasons not to. The big stumbling blocks are the Word and Excel file formats. If the government really wants to punish M$, don't make them open the Windows source. Who needs a zillion lines of spaghetti? Force them to open--and keep open--the file formats for their word processors and spreadsheets. That would break M$'s real death-grip on the desktop. Thanks Slashdot.

BTW, I've been using Red Hat 7.2 as my primary desktop OS for six months now. Every time I have to do something in Win98 now I'm even more stunned by stability problems and never-ending reboots when you install anything. If it weren't for a couple of games, I could nuke that partition entirely.

Another MOO3 interview

There's a Interview with the MOO3 team up on GameSpy. It's pretty much a review of everything else out there, but it does come with the good news that testing has begun and that the Q2-2002 release date still looks good. This is very good news for us Master of Orion fans :-)

A.T. Hun comments: Both of you :)

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