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Wednesday, April 3, 2002

Obi-Wan, I Ain't

I played a little Jedi Outcast multiplayer versus a bot tonight. I 0wned him when I used weapons, but as soon as I started relying on force powers and the 'saber, I got my rear end kicked. I've got to break out of the hack 'n' slash mode.

Thankfully I found out that a couple of other guys I know have JKII so hopefully I can hone my skillz on them (assuming Crawl gives me the password this time).

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

JKII First Impressions

I bought Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast yesterday. I played through the first two levels and did a little one-on-one multiplayer against a bot. There is a lot of puzzle-solving in the first level or so, but they aren't as impossibly horrible as some made them out to be.

Everything runs well with all the options cranked at 1024x768 on my system. Some people had reported massively slow level loading times. Initial level loads do take a little bit, but nothing horrible. Saves are nearly instantaneous. Reloads only take a few seconds. This is with my Athlon 1800+ and a GeForce3 Ti200 with the 21.83 drivers.

After playing a bit of multiplayer, I found out that learning to use the lightsaber and force powers effectively will take a bit of learning, but the power is obviously there. You can actually control the 'saber in JKII instead of hacking randomly a la JKI.

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