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Friday, July 12, 2002

UT2K3 Update

Epic's Mark Rein made a post on the Infogrames forums detailing the status of Unreal Tournament 2003. Unfortunately, the demo is still at least two weeks off. Earlier a post was made on Blue's indicating that UT2K3 was pushed off until the third quarter of this year. No big shock since we are in the third quarter now. Thanks Blue.

MP3 Done Right:

Do yourself a favor and check out They have scads of artists and albums available for download in 128K MP3s. You get a free 50 downloads in 14 days. After that, you can sign up for three months at $14.95 per month or for a year for $9.95 per month. You won't find the latest mega stars, but you will find cool, older, hard-to-find stuff. Universal has released 1000 albums from its older catalogue to the service. They want to see if they can make money off old albums that aren't moving (or, more likely, very hard to find). It seems like a particularly good resource if you like Blues and Jazz.

As an example, I downloaded a They Might Be Giants disc and I'm in the process of downloading Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn's In Session. The sound quality is excellent and the download speed is as fast as my DSL line will take me (512K). There are no restrictions on them. You can burn them to a disc or put them on your MP3 player. The license does restrict them to your personal use though. In otherwords, don't make a copy for all of your friends. But for $9.95/mo for all-you-can-eat, where is the incentive to steal?

Somebody's finally getting it right! For the price of one disc you can snag all you want all month, all legally. The artists (or at least their label) is paid for everytime the track is downloaded. Thanks Ars Technica for the awesome heads-up.

America's Army 1.01b Patch Released

The 1.01 patch for America's Army: Operations is available from NVIDIA and the usual mirror site suspects. This 3M patch fixes a few minor issues and allows for public servers to be set up. There is also a full 213M version if you didn't download 1.0. Now I can get back to training. Thanks Blue.

UPDATE! There is now a 1.01b version available to fix a problem with the patch's installation. If you got an error message about missing registry keys, download the newer version.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

JKII 1.04 Patch Released

Raven and Lucasarts have released the 1.04 patch for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast as was promised yesterday. You can snag it from Lucasarts or JK2Files. It's a 9M patch. The patch seems to have removed the bug/feature/whatever that allowed you to do a saber throw in a no-force duel. That one annoyed me.

UPDATE! Ahh yes, the whining has begun on the Jedi Knight II.Net forums already because people have lost their precious cheap ways to win. So sorry. Not. Boy, I thought that the Q3A community had some vocal whiners. JKII is worse. Thankfully, I know they are by far the minority.

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