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Saturday, July 27, 2002

Fun with Klez

I've had the "pleasure" of dealing with some friends who have gotten Klez-infected emails with my personal address spoofed in the "From:" field. For some reason, all the emails seem to be originating from Mexico someplace as far as I can tell. Thankfully, my use of Linux makes me immune to Klez. Unfortunately, it can't make me immune to dealing with it.

A Month of Mozilla

eWeek columnist Timothy Dyck took Mozilla for a spin for 32 days and liked it enough that he won't switch back to Internet Explorer. The two features he mentioned in particular are the ones most people (including yours truly) fall in love with: tabbed browsing and pop-up/under blocking. Thanks MozillaZine.

A new Mozilla 1.1 beta feature that I really like is the ability to block the downloading of images for mail and newsgroups. The only thing worse than getting spam is waiting for spam images to download. *wretch*

The Master comments: I just want my mail browser to have a checkbox labeled "send spammer H-bomb via priority mail". Now THAT'S a feature >:)

Pondering the Imponderable

I spent a good chunk of last night finishing off the first chapter of Neverwinter Nights. I must have played myself out because I don't have an overwhelming urge to play today. My Druid had some problems with the chapter's "boss" character and his minions, especially since I couldn't hit one of them with my "lowly" +1 scimitar. I lost about 1/2 of my gold and way too much experience just respawning. I don't think there's anything I could have done to make it easier, unfortunately. I'm also going to have to mess around with the "wild shape" skill to see which form would be most effective.

UPDATE! OK, here's a table I came up with. These are the wild shape stat changes for my level 6 druid with the NWN 1.21 patch:

StatBadgerBoarWolf &
Damage1-2 +31-3 +51-3 +31-3 +61-6 +2

There are no changes to intelligence, wisdom, or charisma so I didn't include those stats. I combined the wolf and panther forms because they are exactly the same. The hit point numbers show the 10 extra hit points you get to start (left number) and the normal maximum hit points (right number). The fortitude is higher for the badger and boar (with their higher constitution), and the reflexes are better for the wolf and panther (with their higher dexterity).

It looks like if you are looking for sheer power, go with the boar. If you are looking for mobility and armor class, go with the wolf or panther. I thought for sure that the bear would have more hit points. Even though it does the most damage, it only does one point more than the boar and has 18 fewer hit points. I realize this may be of interest to relatively few people, but hey, it's a Saturday and it's my website :)

Friday, July 26, 2002

Happy Sysadmin's Day

Today is System Administrator Appreciation Day, your annual chance to thank the IT guys/gals/beings who keep your systems and networks running. You can read the BBC's take on it here , and if you're an admin who doesn't get any appreciation from your users today check out the BOFH archive for ways to get back at them.

I'd like to know if anyone actually gets any appreciation today. My manager was in Michigan last week and took me out to lunch since I was in town, so I guess that'll do.

A.T. Hun comments: /me gives The Master a pat on the head.

The Master comments: Why thank you :-) Linux makes this an easy job though.

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