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Wednesday, August 14, 2002

The History of id

IEEE Spectrum Online posted an article on the history of id software. It gives a nice overview of their games and the thought processes that made those games a reality. I had almost forgotten how controversial an idea it was that Quake III would require hardware acceleration. Now, only a few years later, can you imagine playing a game without it? I saw this the other day on Slashdot, but had a brain cramp and forgot to post about it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

GenCon Report

One of the vendors at GenCon, Titan Games, just happens to be here in Battle Creek, Michigan (who'da guessed that something cool would be in this town?). This afternoon I went down to the store and talked to the owner to see how it was, since I couldn't get there this year.

He had an interesting comment on the move to Indianapolis: apparently the reason for GenCon's departure from Milwaukee is Milwaukee's extreme lack of hotel rooms for convention goers. When we lived in the area, we always noticed that during the summer it was impossible to get hotel rooms anywhere within 25 miles of the city. GenCon has never been able to host more than 30,000 attendees; the hope is that Indianapolis will be able to host more than 50K.

He also thought that Milwaukee, apparently aware of GenCon's departure, seemed eager to get all the cash it could from this year's attendees. Twenty bucks a day for parking? Come on, Milwaukee.

So what do you say, A.T.? Should we take a road trip to Indianapolis next summer?

A.T. Hun comments: Dunno. I've had some bad experiences with Indiana lately :)

IE/Konqueror SSL Exploit

A security flaw was found in Internet Explorer's SSL. It all has to do with the way that it handles security certificates. The same bug was reported in KDE's Konqueror browser. Basically, anyone with a VeriSign certificate can forge a certificate for anybody they want. While Microsoft downplays the danger, the Konqueror team got a fix into CVS within 95 minutes of the bug being reported. Thanks to several sources for both links.

The Master comments: Ahhh, but that nasty evil open source will cause more security nightmares and all kinds of problems . . . according to M$, who, of course, downplays the issue as not important. I can't tell ya how much I just LOVE Microsoft and their wonderous Marketing Department. Will you people just quit covering your a$$es all the time and FIX THE BLOODY PROBLEMS?!?!? Thank you.

AOL for Mac OS X Uses Gecko

America Online has released a new version of their software for Mac OS X. According to this article, the browser is powered by Gecko, the rendering engine behind Mozilla! Can a Gecko-powered version for Windows be far behind? Thanks Slashdot.

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