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Tuesday, October 1, 2002


I had to say farewell to an old friend today: my bank card expired. Its number was really easy to remember; I never had to look at the card when I paid for things over the phone. Now I have to learn to live with the new one. C'est la vie.

After returning from a fun week at the home office, I heard yesterday that there were more layoffs--not in my department, but close to us. Several of my friends are headed out the door. It's good to be in the only group which is making money for the company, but I'm still going to freshen up the resume and go to the local job fair in a few weeks. Better safe than sorry.

I've successfully stayed away from Divine Divinity, thanks to the Diabloesqueness of the demo, and have instead been putting a little time into Soulbringer (recent review). So far it's really a fun game.

Arx Fatalis Demo Released

There's a new demo available for Arx Fatalis, the game which is hoping to be the successor to Ultima Underworld. If you've played Ultima Underworld, you know that Arx has big shoes to fill. I hope it can manage. The game has already been released (and well-received) in Europe and is slated for release in the US this month. Links to the demo are here and here.

I tried a demo a few months ago but it didn't run well on my system. I've heard that the game has improved greatly since then; I'll find out in a few minutes when I fire up the demo. I hope this game lives up to its promises!

UPDATE--This demo has one BIG problem: it's way too short. Very impressive, I have to say. Very reminiscent of Ultima Underworld. I think I'll be getting this one when it comes out.

NFL Week #4 Final

I can't believe that Denver let themselves get manhandled by Baltimore like that last night. Oh well. To end the week, my record was 8-6. Eeyore's was 6-8. Year-to-date that makes me 36-24 (.600) and she is 31-29 (.517).

I will make one early prediction for next Sunday. I guarantee that the Lions will not lose!

Monday, September 30, 2002

Red Hat 8.0 Released

As promised, Red Hat released version 8.0 of their Linux distribution today. You can check out this page for a summary of the new features. I'm debating if it is worth the upgrade or not. I might wait for the inevitable 8.1.

J.t.Qbe comments: For those who want to see what Red Hat 8.2 will be like, Mandrake 9.0 was released last week. I'm running RC2 and don't see any reason to upgrade to the official release--yet.

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