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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Proper Benchmarking

HardOCP's Kyle Bennett wrote an editorial on the proper way to evaluate hardware, specifically, 3D video cards. Part of this came about because of the flap with NVIDIA and the new 3DMark03. For me, synthetic benchmarks are virtually worthless. I want to know how a card will affect the way I play games. I remember not that long ago when a video card manufacturer was busted for hard-coding part of PC Magazine's testing suite into the driver so that it would blow that benchmark away. Bennett offers some solutions, but none of them will be easy.

IGN Previews DX2

IGN has posted a new preview of Deus Ex: Invisible War, the follow up to the very impressive Deus Ex. They got to see the game in a more advanced state than the earlier previews, including actual game levels in a playable state. Good stuff.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

NWN 1.28 Patch

Bioware has released the 1.28 patch for Neverwinter Nights. Actually, nothing looks very thrilling in the changelog. As usual, use the "Update" button in the launcher to get the patch.

Mozilla and Spam Filtering

One of the big reasons I wanted to get Mozilla 1.3 beta is for the spam filtering. You teach it by marking messages as junk or not junk. Eventually, it learns and can judge for itself. I've been using it for about a day now. Of seven spam emails I received this morning, two were not identified as junk, five were, and one "real" email was mistakenly identified as junk (a Mandrake security bulletin). Not bad for only one day's training. Check this page for information on how Mozilla does all this and this page which serves as the basis for the concept.

The Master comments: I'm still a Win32 user (yeah, I know, I'm just an evil minion or something :-) and I'm trying out an app called K9, which so far is looking like a nice little spam killer. It's based on the same concepts as the Mozilla spam filters. I'll let you know how it works out.

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