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Monday, March 24, 2003

Quicken 98 Follow-Up

After perusing Google Groups a little further, I came across this article that gave information on how to get online registering to work with Quicken 98. Mind you, I was never able to register online from the moment I got it. In case that link breaks in the future, here's the details:

  1. Backup c:\windows\QUICKEN.INI
  2. Open QUICKEN.INI in Notepad and delete everything in the section [Internet]
  3. Replace that section with this:

After I did that, everything worked fine.

Saturday, March 22, 2003

NWN Linux Installer Follow-Up

This morning I tried Ravage's Neverwinter Nights Linux installer that includes the 1.29 patch. I'm not sure what version of the beta he includes. At any rate, the installer worked flawlessly. All I had to do is give the nwn directory "games" group ownership and change permissions to give the group write access (check the second bullet point to see how I did that). I hope Bioware talks to Ravage when they create their installer for the final version of the client. BTW, you will need 1G free in your /tmp directory when you install this.

UPDATE! A post by Ravage indicates that this installer is using the second (and most current as of this writing) beta client.

Winamp 2.9 BETA released

For those who prefer Winamp 2, Justin has released a beta version of Winamp 2 version 2.9. This contains some of the features of Winamp 3, with the speed and stability of 2.x. You can download the beta here, and read up on features and problems here.

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