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Thursday, December 11, 2003

Linus to ide-scsi: Please Go Away

I've never understood why I need to load the ide-scsi module so I can burn CDs with my ATAPI burner. I've never pondered it too much because it just works. Thankfully, none other than Linus Torvalds fails to see the reason too. Thankfully, the module is not necessary with the 2.6 kernel. It's nice to know that Linus is on the prowl not just to make sure things work, but that they work correctly. Thanks Linux Today.

SCO DDoS'd . . . or Not?

Yesterday, SCO claimed to be under a distributed denial of service attack. Groklaw did some investigating and found out that the situation might not be so simple. According to their sources, either SCO did not undergo the kind of DDoS that they claim or their network admins are grossly negligent. I'll turn this over to The Master and J.t.Qbe for comment, since they are wiser in the ways of networking than I am. Thanks Linux Today.

The Master comments: From what I saw of the past SCO claims of DDOS, they may just be blowing smoke using their own internal network admin failures as fuel for their stock price. The evidence cited in that Groklaw post is quite strong against SCO's press release. SCO has GOT to be the only company around that seems to be proud enough of being attacked (even imaginarily) to post a press release before they even try to fix anything. Idiots.

Monty Python Changed Everything

That's right, Monty Python changed the world and forever altered the course of human history already. OK, maybe that's hyperbole, but it should better than, "Without Monty Python, I wouldn't have a pseudonym." Anyway CNN's Showbiz section has an article on the new Python autobiography that I hope to buy, assuming that I develop the upper body strength to lift it. I've watched so much Python that I can barely think a coherent thought without some sort of Pythonic reference springing to mind. Anyway, just read the article, alright?

By the by, my pseudonym comes from a sketch about a meepy little man named Attila the Hun (aka A.T. Hun, but you can call him "The"). His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hun. He is turning himself into the police for "Looting, pillaging and sacking a major city." In the end, he turns out to be in fact Alexander the (A.T.) Great. It's all very silly (and much funnier than my feeble explanation).

In a related story, some kind soul has mirrored Stone Dead Productions, one of the best Python sites out there which had disappeared from the Net some time ago. That site has everything you ever wanted to know about the group but were too scared to ask.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

NWN 1.60 Patch Next Week

Because Bioware is moving its server farm, the release of the 1.60 patch for Neverwinter Nights will not happen until next week. Check this forum thread for the details. That means I'll have to wait until at least Monday to play Hordes of the Underdark. Oh well. At least I got a good deal on it :)

Free Jedi Academy Maps

Raven has released some new maps for Jedi Academy! Included in the pack are one duel, one CTF, and four free-for-all maps. You can snag them from 3D Gamers (13.5M). James Monroe's .plan has a bit more information. Free stuff == good. Thanks Blue's News.

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