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Thursday, December 11, 2003

SCO DDoS'd . . . or Not?

Yesterday, SCO claimed to be under a distributed denial of service attack. Groklaw did some investigating and found out that the situation might not be so simple. According to their sources, either SCO did not undergo the kind of DDoS that they claim or their network admins are grossly negligent. I'll turn this over to The Master and J.t.Qbe for comment, since they are wiser in the ways of networking than I am. Thanks Linux Today.

The Master comments: From what I saw of the past SCO claims of DDOS, they may just be blowing smoke using their own internal network admin failures as fuel for their stock price. The evidence cited in that Groklaw post is quite strong against SCO's press release. SCO has GOT to be the only company around that seems to be proud enough of being attacked (even imaginarily) to post a press release before they even try to fix anything. Idiots.

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