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Friday, January 9, 2004

The LG Saga Ends

You'll never guess what came via Airborne Express this morning: my LG GCC-4520B! I've tested it by playing an audio CD, a DVD, and burning a CD-R. Everything seems to work well, except the burning part. It worked, but it was flaky. Burn-Free kicked in five times. LG claims that Memorex high-speed media is to blame. I'll get one of the brands they recommend and see if that fixes everything.

So here's the final score:

The Master comments: I just got a new Sony DVD-R/CD-RW and I've been quite pleased with it so far. I haven't tried burning CD/RWs yet (which is why I wanted to replace the old one--that stopped working on my LG drive) but the DVD stuff is sweet :-)

UPDATE! From looking closer at the box it arrived in, it appears that they sent the drive next-day air. It's nice that they did that in acknowledgement of how long the whole process took.

Thursday, January 8, 2004

Color Mars Pics

Spirit has sent back its first color pictures of the surface of Mars. You can see the pictures on NASA's Mars Rover page. Those shots really show just how big and dead that red rock is. It will be interesting to see if Spirit finds out that Mars was more interesting in the past.


Well, I went to Best Buy (insert standard disclaimer here) and bought an Athena AS-P300 subwoofer. We really haven't run it full-out yet, because the instructions say to play nice with it for a while before it's broken in. It does add a rather nice "thump" without being muddy like cheaper ones. Athena is made by the same company that made my Mirage towers, so it should be good stuff. We've got thirty days to decide if the 300 is OK or if we need to bump up to the AS-P400. Judging from what it is like running at half volume, we shouldn't have any problems.

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