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Thursday, February 12, 2004

CliffyB UT2K4 Interview

Gamespy sat down with Epic's resident metrosexual, CliffyB, to chat about Unreal Tournament 2004. They talk about the changes, tweaks, and improvements made to the game since UT2K3. UT2K4 scheduled for release next month.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

UT2K4 Demo Released

Epic, Atari, and probably a few others have released the demo for Unreal Tournament 2004. You can find mirrors at As of this very moment, I only see the Windows demo available. I would imagine that the Mac and Linux versions should be available soon (at least after icculus gets done crying uncontrollably).

UPDATE! Ryan "icculus" Gordon posted on the UT2K3-Linux mailing list that there is a showstopper-class bug in the Linux client. Therefore, the Linux version probably won't show up until tomorrow. icculus is still my hero. I don't know how he gets all of this stuff done.

UT2K4 Demo Today at 2:00 P.M. Central

The cat is officially out of the bag. The Unreal Tournament 2004 demo will be available for download at noon Pacific time, aka 2:00 P.M. Central/Haus time. Time to see if my vid card can take it! I also saw that the demo is in fact 209M instead of the 290M I saw earlier. icculus also reports that both the x86 and AMD64 versions of the Linux binaries will be on the official UT2K4 discs. Tux will even appear on the box.

Novell Clarifies "Derivative" for SCO

Groklaw got their (her?) hands on some new information from Novell indicating that SCO's definition of "derivative works" is not in keeping with the original AT&T agreement. Here's a snip of the creamy goodness:

In fact, SCO's interpretation of section 2.01 is plainly contrary to the position taken by AT&T, as author of and party to the SVRX licenses. AT&T clarified the meaning of section 2.01 in its $ echo publication, which AT&T described as its own newsletter "to reach all UNIX System V licensees through one defined medium" and "keeps them abreast of any product announcements, policy changes, company business and pricing structures."

Specifically, in an edition of $ echo dated April 1985 (the same month that the Sequent license agreement was signed), AT&T announced that changes would be made to the SVRX license agreement "to clarify ownership of modifications or derivative works prepared by a licensee." AT&T said this and other announced changes were "in response to direct feedback from AT&T licensees and [were] intended to make the contracts more responsive to the needs of the licensees." AT&T then followed up by adding to section 2.01 a sentence clarifying that AT&T "claims no ownership interest in any portion of such a modification or derivative work that is not part of a SOFTWARE PRODUCT." Even more clearly, the August 1985 edition of $ echo explained that this "sentence was added to assure licensees that AT&T will claim no ownership in the software that they developed -- only the portion of the software developed by AT&T." Copies of the April and August 1985 editions of $ echo are enclosed for your convenience.

Let the crushing of SCO begin! Thanks Linux Today.

The Master comments: This should be the beginning of the end. You'd think that all these monster banks with huge investments in SCO would have seen this stuff and be bailing out as fast as they could dump the stock, and yet SCOX is up 35 today. I'd love to know what the buyers of this stock are thinking. Maybe they actually BELIEVE SCO's B.S.

Original Trilogy on DVD Confirmed

DVD File got confirmation from Lucasfilm and 20th Century Vole Fox that the original Star Wars trilogy will be released on DVD on September 21 (conveniently, one day before my wife's birthday). It will be the 1997 "Special Edition" of the movies, not the original release. The set will be like the Indiana Jones set with the three movies on three DVDs and a fourth "extras" DVD. The extras and other goodies that will be included have yet to be announced. I would be thrilled if they could get the wonderfully campy Star Wars Christmas special in there. Thanks to Lucasfilm and 20th Century Frog Fox for finally making this a reality. And thanks to Slashdot for the link.

Speaking of which, I love how it has become fashionable in the Slashdot forums to bash anything done by Lucas as if it were a major philosophical position or to hold up the original, unedited movies as if they were Scripture. I especially like the argument that the acting and dialog were better in the original. Just watch any scene involving Mark Hamill (especially in A New Hope) or when Sir Alec Guinness swallows hard and tries to force out (ha!) his terrible lines. The Star Wars movies aren't intended to be Citizen Kane, they are a tip of the hat to the old Flash Gordon sci-fi serials. Nothing more.

UT2K4 Demo and DVD News

Gamespy got word that Epic will be making an announcement about the Unreal Tournament 2004 demo today at 9:00 A.M. Pacific time. Gamespy guesstimates that it could be released as early as this afternoon! Pack a lunch, though. This bad-boy will weigh in around 290M. They also get word of a special DVD version. I wish I could just get the game on DVD and dump the extra disc. I'd rather not have to switch between several discs to install it. They claim that the game will take up between 5-6G!. Thanks Evil Avatar.

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