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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Original Trilogy on DVD Confirmed

DVD File got confirmation from Lucasfilm and 20th Century Vole Fox that the original Star Wars trilogy will be released on DVD on September 21 (conveniently, one day before my wife's birthday). It will be the 1997 "Special Edition" of the movies, not the original release. The set will be like the Indiana Jones set with the three movies on three DVDs and a fourth "extras" DVD. The extras and other goodies that will be included have yet to be announced. I would be thrilled if they could get the wonderfully campy Star Wars Christmas special in there. Thanks to Lucasfilm and 20th Century Frog Fox for finally making this a reality. And thanks to Slashdot for the link.

Speaking of which, I love how it has become fashionable in the Slashdot forums to bash anything done by Lucas as if it were a major philosophical position or to hold up the original, unedited movies as if they were Scripture. I especially like the argument that the acting and dialog were better in the original. Just watch any scene involving Mark Hamill (especially in A New Hope) or when Sir Alec Guinness swallows hard and tries to force out (ha!) his terrible lines. The Star Wars movies aren't intended to be Citizen Kane, they are a tip of the hat to the old Flash Gordon sci-fi serials. Nothing more.

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