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Thursday, March 4, 2004

YES! Mt. Rainier Support in Linux

I bought myself some 24x CD-RWs today and decided to see what the status of Mt. Rainier support is in the current Linux kernel. It appears that support was officially added in 2.6.2. Since I'm using 2.6.3, I decided to check it out. After much hair-pulling and way too much wasted time, I finally got it to work! Since there is no good tutorial on the Internet on how to do this, I'm going to write one up. That will have to wait until tomorrow.

UT2K4 Gold!

It's official! Atari and Epic have announced that Unreal Tournament 2004 has gone gold! Joy! The game will hit store shelves on March 15. About a week thereafter, my preorder from EB Games should arrive (I chose their slower but free shipping). w00t!

Judge to SCO: Prove It

I forgot to post about this one yesterday, but the judge in the SCO v. IBM case has ordered SCO to show specific lines of code in AIX to prove their point. They have 45 days to comply. Here's a snip:

The order is in. She tells both sides to comply with discovery, but in the case of IBM, she specifically restricts the requirement that they provide AIX versions to the 232 offered by IBM's lawyer, David Marriott, at the last hearing on February 6. SCO must demonstrate a need for more if they want more. But they don't get every AIX version from the beginning, as they had repeatedly requested. SCO has 45 days to comply fully with IBM's discovery demands. Remember, that is what IBM asked for, that SCO be given a date to comply.

SCO has 45 days to identify "all specific lines of code" they allege IBM put into Linux from AIX or Dynix; identify and provide "with specificity all lines of code in Linux that it claims rights to; provide and identify with specificity the lines of code that SCO distributed to other parties, and this is to include "where applicable the conditions of release, to whom the code was released, the date and under what circumstances such code was released."

I really like the way IBM is playing this. It might seem at first like the justice system is going way too slowly. In reality, IBM is just giving SCO enough rope to hang themselves with. It's a good old-fashioned blood-letting.

M$ Gives $100 Million to SCO

ESR posted a leaked memo from SCO indicating that Microsoft may be behind SCO's efforts far more than originally estimated. If this email is to be believed, M$ is giving $100 million to SCO. This has always been suspected. Now we appear to have a smoking gun. Hopefully IBM's lawyers can get their hands on this one. Thanks Slashdot.

UPDATE! It's been proven. The memo is legit. Oh, this is going to be fun. Thanks Groklaw.

The Master comments: Maybe today's news about Microsoft being SCO's bed-buddie and SCO's planned vicious disembowling of Bank of America will finally convince all of these big money investment brokerages to run from SCO's stock at top speed. I also hope Microsoft actually gets a taste of anti-trust medicine after this idiotic mistake. It's hard to believe a company as smart as M$ would do something so incredibly stupid. Well, I guess greed does that to people . . .

Wednesday, March 3, 2004

DOOM3 Release Date

id's Todd Hollenshead updated his .plan with the official release date for DOOM3: "When it's done." There's been a number of guesses floating around, even from moderately well-informed sources. But it will be done at the precise moment it's done. Nothing to see here. Move along.


Took the day off today so I could try to recover from whatever the heck virus is making my life miserable right now. Woke up at 11 am to see that SCO had announced doubled losses from last quarter, and as of this posting their stock was down $1.88. The Autozone and DailmerChrysler lawsuit announcements have done nothing to hold that baby up. Sweet :-)

A.T. Hun comments: Please, Lord, let these be the death throes. For SCO I mean, not The Master.

The Master comments: According to the Thomson.FN SCOX I-Watch page, some institutional trader thinks those lawsuits are worth something. I hope those idiots take a nice shot when a couple of these initial lawsuits tank. I will do a happy dance of monumental proportions when this software predator is put down for good.

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