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Thursday, August 19, 2004

UpsetChaps DOOM3 Guide

If you have any questions at all about DOOM3 but were just too scared to ask, check out the UpsetChaps DOOM3 Guide. It includes detailed stats on all the weapons and enemies. Currently, they are working on a walkthrough. They even have suggest settings for various video cards that you can add to your autoexec.cfg file. Good stuff. If your question hasn't been answered, it will be soon.

DOOM3 Done

Whelp, I just finished DOOM3. That's quite a ride. The last boss is one of the coolest looking bosses I've ever seen in a video game. Unfortunately, he was relatively easy to put away with the soul cube and the BFG. All told, it's a very cool game that I enjoyed thoroughly. Once the Linux client comes out, I'll play through the game again and give a review from a Linux gamers point of view.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

IBM Strikes Again

IBM continues to close the net around SCO. Groklaw is reporting that IBM asked for another summary judgment against SCO. This one is a doozy. They are saying that SCO continued to distribute IBM code which was contributed to Linux even though SCO "has renounced, disclaimed and breached the GPL." This will be a great opportunity to give the GPL a legal test it has badly needed. Oh yeah, it hoists SCO on its own petard too. Pardon me whilst I stifle a giggle.

+3 Time Waster of Coolness

You geeks out there probably already know that this year marks the 30th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. This week Gamespy is running a neat retrospective with articles about the game's history, (A)D&D computer and video games, and interviews with some of the movers and shakers of the '80s gaming scene. Lots of interesting stuff. I was into that scene back in those days and these articles are bringing back lots of fun memories.

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