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Thursday, July 7, 2005

Wood iPod

This fine gentleman came up with an interesting mod for his iPod. Maybe The Master could try something similar. "Ahh, you can't beat wood." Thanks HardOCP.

Terrorists Hit London

A series of explosions hit London's subway system this morning. A group has claimed responsibility with links to al Qaeda. It would seem to have their fingerprints. An attack on Britain is an attack on the U.S. and decent people everywhere. If the terrorists were looking for a way to steel the resolve of Americans in fighting terror, they just found it. Idiots. Our thoughts and prayers are with the British.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Sources of Credit Card Theft

The term "identity theft" is being thrown around way too much for my liking these days, especially when it's just used to mean that someone stole a credit card number. That's not really identity theft, it's number theft. I digress. A company called Javelin Strategy and Research listed the ways you are most likely to have your credit card stolen. It's far more likely to happen by "normal" means (stolen wallet, etc.) than by crackers or spyware. Actually, you are about as likely to have someone steal it by going through your garbage as you are by phishing or cracking. I've always thought it was funny that people won't buy something online from a reputable dealer with 128-bit encryption, but they will gladly hand their credit card to a waitress making $4 an hour. Thanks Blue's News.

More Sin 2

Next Generation has more on the Sin 2 game in development at Ritual. The whole thing is self-funded, and they are targeting a sub-$20 price tag for 3-6 hours of game play. While I still think that's expensive, I will wait to pass judgement on the final game(s).

A.T. Hun comments: $20 for three hours? No thanks. Even for six hours that's too much, especially since they have virtually no overhead. Call me when it's $10. Then I might think about it--assuming that it will run on my current system in Cedega.

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