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Sunday, September 25, 2005

NFL Week #3 So Far

With only Monday night's game left (which will determine this week's winner), Eeyore and I are tied at 9-4. I'm nothing short of amazed that we did that well. This much we do know: there's a lot of bad football teams out there and unfortunately four of them are in the NFC North. The Packers are finding Lions-esque ways to lose (Longwell honking an XP?!?). Somebody's going to win this division at 7-9. Oakland is the best 0-3 team out there. Arizona's glass slipper has shattered. Indianapolis is winning with . . . defense? Unfortunately, my fantasy team would fit in well with the NFC North right now.

Blog: XvMC and xine

In my blog (bet you didn't know I had one of those!), I'm posting my adventures getting XvMC, xine, and NVIDIA's Linux drivers to play nice together. Basically XvMC allows xine to use my graphics card's acceleration features to play back video. The above link shows how I got it to compile. I'll post later with the results of some tests. My main goal is to see if I can get the card to take some of the deinterlacing chores.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

NFL Week #3

There's a lot of bad teams and a lot of tough matchups this week. It's a dangerous time to be picking. At least I know that the Lions won't lose this weekend. At any rate, here we go: Falcons, Bears, Bucs, Colts, Rams, Panthers, Vikings, Jaguars, Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks, Steelers, Giants, Chiefs.

The Master comments: Brace yourselves kids; 5 differences: Bucs, Colts, Rams, Panthers, Vikings, Eagles, Cowboys, Seahawks, Steelers, Bills, Bengals, Jets, Chargers, Broncos.

Slashdot Goes HTML 4.01 and CSS

At long last the folks at Slashdot had bitten the bullet and redesigned the site using HTML 4.01 and CSS. The guys who talk the most about open standards finally use them! There's a couple of caveats due to ad code, etc., but but they even went so far as to convert all the comments! Good stuff. Congratulations! I know from first hand experience that such a conversion is not easy. The benefits make it all worthwhile, though.

As noted below, The Haus is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS.

Massachusetts Goes OpenDocument

The question we like to ask here on The Haus is: if you use proprietary software, who OWNS your data? Well, in the case of Massachusetts: Massachusetts does. That's because they have decided to move all of their documents away from Microsoft Office and it's proprietary, patent-laden formats into the freely avaiable OpenDocument specification. Good news for Massachusetts. Now we get to see how Microsoft responds. I wonder if Ballmer will be throwing some more chairs?

J.t.Qbe comments: Maybe he'll try luring them back with his monkey boy dance.

A.T. Hun comments: DEVELOPERS!!1!1

In all seriousness, this is a major issue. I've got old papers from college that I can't open in anything anymore. At least with those I can usually strip out the text if need be. The WordPerfect and MS Word formats have so much extra crap in them that stripping out the text is an exercise in futility. I moved to mainly so that I can be guaranteed that my data will still be mine and accessible to me in the future. The OpenDocument format will help guarantee compatibility, no matter what program I choose to use in the future. No wonder MS is in a tizzy about this. The DOC format, not Windows, is really their big cash cow. DOC guarantees that people will be locked into MS Word forever.

J.t.Qbe comments: Hey A.T., want a copy of my handy-dandy Wordplus-to-text converter? You might need to update the late-80s era C to get it to compile, but it shouldn't be bad.

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