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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

NFL Week #4 Final

Well, the eight different picks between Eeyore and myself ended up in a 4-4 tie so we both finished the weekend 9-5. Year-to-date that makes me 36-24 (.600) while she is 35-25 (.583). FWIW, my record is better than all but two of the ESPN experts. My fantasy football commish discovered that our scoring system had been out of whack all year (we're using a new site for it). I pointed out to him that the schedule was messed up too. Unfortunately because of the schedule correction I lost 123-119. The good news is that I went from being 0-4 to 2-2. The Wombats shall rise again!

Oh, and the Lions got absolutely jobbed on that TD overturn at the end of the game. I was thisclose to breaking everything in my house. Yes, I get too worked up watching the Lions.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Quake 4 GOLD

Blue has the press release announcing that Quake 4 has gone gold. The game is due in stores on October 18. I've been waiting for a new shooter for a while, and with Cold War I've now got two on my plate. Sweet. 2.0 RC1

I recently downloaded 2.0 RC1. This is a release candidate, not an official release. You may remember that some time ago I downloaded a beta version of OOo and saw that it really needed work. I'm pleased to report that RC1 is much faster than the beta. Of course, it fully supports OpenDocument, which I will be moving all my docs to.

The WordPerfect importer works substantially better. It works well with outlines now. The only "problem" I've found is with a calendar I used in WP. The main table for the calendar itself came out fine, but the mini-tables in the upper right and left with the previous and next months didn't convert. Other than that it has dealt with everything I've thrown at it.

Overall, I think that OOo 2.0 has improved enough that I will start transitioning to it from OOo 1.1.5. Check it out if you haven't already. As an aside, after a little bit of testing, OOo 1.1.5's OpenDocument importer seems to work great.

Pondering the Imponderable

I know that very few, if any, of you will care about this, but I just saw on that the Detroit Tigers fired manager Alan Trammell. I saw the writing on the wall when the team seemed to be tuning him out. He was one of the great heroes of the '84 championship team and a Tigers legend. When he signed on to be the skipper, I was afraid that all it would do is tarnish his legacy. It appears that I was correct. He's taking a fall for a team that has languished in mediocrity (actually, mediocrity would be an improvement) for far too long. I don't know who the heck you'll get in there who will be able to do anything with this train wreck. Sorry, Tram. We'll always have '84.

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