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Wednesday, March 2, 2005 2.0 Beta Follow-Up

Well, I downloaded the Linux version of the 2.0 beta yesterday, only to find out that it's a bunch of RPMs gzipped together. Hoo-ray. I hope the final version won't come that way. Anyway, Slackware does provide the rpm command, so I installed all the packages except the Red Hat and SuSE menus ones. I had to use the --nodeps switch. I haven't had much of a chance to fiddle with it. So far it does look better, but it is noticably slower. I hope that's just because of spare debugging code in there. I tested the WordPerfect filter on a number of files. It basically works, as long as your file does not contain any outlines (which, sadly, the vast majority of mine do). Otherwise, you just get the first level of the outline displayed. I also can't figure out how to install a new printer. The spadmin command won't let me, even as root. It did detect that I'm using CUPS so I assume things would still print decently. Obviously more testing is in order.

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