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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cold War Demo

There's a demo available for Cold War, the new sneak-shooter by Mindware. You can get it at Fileplanet, 3D Gamers, or Filerush (a TORRENT!), or you can use Blue's stack of links.

I installed and tried out the demo for a bit last night while doing some work-work stuff, and this is going to be a TOUGH game. I tried out the first level in the demo and I got my rear handed to me at least 3 times. It probably doesn't help being thrown into the game like I was, and the CW control system is very different from what I've used in the past. However, the graphics were nice and the sound was effective. The only thing that annoyed me was it seemed like the game was a bit jerky at times, with long hanging pauses before you would suddenly start moving again. I'm going to watch to see if anyone else is reporting this, because if that is a "feature", I'm going to pass on this game.

NoScript Firefox Extension

Recently, UGO managed to find a way to get around Firefox's popup blocker using Javascript. This comes up on Blue's News, among other sites. Well, time to fight fire with fire. The solution? The NoScript extension. Basically, it blocks Javascript and Java from functioning. My clicking on the "S" icon in the lower right of the browser, you can add a site to your whitelist and allow Javascript and Java where needed. Check it out.

We use a tad of Javascript on The Haus. One part busts us out of a frameset if we are linked to that way. The other creates the random tagline at the top of each page. If you like that, add us to your whitelist. If not, no skin off my back. The site will still function just fine.

Pondering the Imponderable

Is there any better feeling for a baseball fan outside of the Northeast to wake up in the morning, knowing that neither the Yankees nor the Red Sox will be in the World Series? Ahhh, life is good. Time to listen to the high-pitched whining from Sawks fans and wait for Steinbrenner to go apoplectic. Good times, good times.

Meanwhile, I'm going to root for my Tigers' Central Division opponents, the White Sox. Their "curse" has gone on longer than the one that the Red Sox talked about incessantly. They are doing all the little things it takes to win. Unfortunately for the T.V. folks, I don't think an Angels-White Sox series is going to draw as many eyeballs as a Yankees-BoSox series would have. But as so often happens when T.V. execs suffer, I don't care. The only thing that I enjoy more than the average T.V. exec suffering is watching it happen in slow-motion.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Palm Tungsten TX Price Confirmed

Someone managed to snap a picture of a Best Buy price tag, indicating that Palm's yet-unannounced Tungsten TX PDA will sell for $299, not $450. This will likely be my upgrade path from my Tungsten E. The advantage is that it has drive mode, a 320x480 screen, and WiFi. We shall see . . .

Reason #457 to Have a UPS

I discovered yet another reason to have an uninterruptible power supply yesterday. I went to unplug my guitar amp but I accidentally grabbed the wrong plug and unplugged my computer. My UPS chirped at me as if to say, "Nice move, moron." Thankfully the batteries kicked in and everything worked great. Classic case of PEBCAK.

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