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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Quake 4 Beta Patch

Raven and id have released a beta version 1.1 patch for Quake 4 for download. You can get the patch from the following sites: 3D Gamers, Filecloud, 3D Downloads. There is also a beta Linux version (available on the id FTP site), but it's not supporting the main feature upgrades of the Windows version and there have been some reported issues with that patch.

This is the BETA of our broad QUAKE 4 update. It fixes issues and adds gameplay elements throughout both single and multiplayer-including voice chat in multiplayer, a forecemodel option, a one-minute warning for tournament matches, fixed pure server autodownloading, Hyper-Threading Technology support, smooth stairjumping and a ton of multiplayer specific fixes which have been requested by the community and discovered during our own gameplay. In short, multiplayer is fixed. ;) For a complete list of new features, fixes, and changes, please see the ReadMe file.

Selling Free Software is "Bad"

Apparently selling CDs of Firefox can get you in trouble in Britain. A Mozilla staffer had a hard time getting the message through that that was perfectly acceptable. She argued that if this were the case "it makes it virtually impossible for us, from a practical point of view, to enforce UK anti-piracy legislation." No, the problem is that they need to wrap their brains around the concept of open source. Are they going to start shutting down British mirror sites for Firefox,, or Linux itself? This is just further proof that folks like MS, the BSA, and others are winning the propaganda war. Thanks Slashdot.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Model Building

One of my oldest hobbies is plastic model building. I used to have a huge collection of airplanes and warships. However, over the years I've had to leave them behind for one reason or another, and now that we're getting a house, I can renew my aquaintance with model glue and xacto-knives.

While packing today, I discovered a pile of old unfinished models that I will have a chance to work on. A Ticonderoga-class cruiser, a Folke-Woulf TA-152, a Nimitz class carrier, and a HUGE XB-70 Valkyrie model. Plus, tonight we picked up a complete Shuttle stack kit for me to build for the boys new space-themed room.

Since I won't have a monstrous hidden space for models, I have a short list of items I will want to add to my new collection once I've finished these. Yamato, Iowa and Bismarck class battleships, an A-10 Warthog, and an SR-71 Blackbird. Sweet :-)

Python on PBS Tonight

As mentioned earlier, PBS stations will be airing the first of the "Monty Python's Personal Best" series tonight. Check your local listings for times. I just checked mine. Apparently they are doing two per night, so the whole series will take three weeks.

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