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Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Greenmarine Rants

Brandon Reinhart of Epic updated his .plan, with a withering attack on EverQuest (a massive online RPG). This is why I don't play these games. Check the update:
During the EverQuest beta I gave it a try and railed on it afterwards because I lost a level when I died. I swore never to play it again. Cliff bought a copy of it a while back to check it out, so I've been playing with it. I built up a level 7 Dwarf Paladin.

So I'm running around killing mobs and crap and I die and stuff. Last night I died and went to recover my corpse. After I pick up all my equipment, my client crashes. I reconnect and all my stuff and my corpse is gone. So I'm told I have to send EMAIL to some dude at Verant or something. Poof goes the EverQuest account. What a waste.
. . .
I've got a serious problem with games that require hours upon hours of your time only to take away the things you have earned. Whether its the levels you've gained or the items you carry. Whether its through game design decisions or through bugs.
A.T. Hun comments: The reason I don't play these games is that I don't like the idea of paying for the privilege of playing a game I already paid for.

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