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Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Salon on Daikatana Crunch Mode

Salon has the first part of a two part series on cruch mode for Daikatana. The amazing thing is that the material for this article was gathered BEFORE Christmas. Since it's now March and the game still isn't out, there must have been some pretty catastrophic bugs in there. The article is an interesting look at the past three years in the life of Romero and why it really isn't surprising that Daikatana is 26 months late (and counting). Thanks Blue's News.

"Crunch mode" (working endless hours to finish a game) seems to run contrary to the way the human body works best. Lack of sleep and proper nutrition do not improve the body's ability to function. I wonder how many times cruch time is actually prolonged because of stupid errors either introduced or not found because their minds were not working at optimum capacity. I'm sure that game developers (if any of them read this, which I doubt) are preparing their flamethrowers. But I really wonder how counterproductive the "typical" game programmers lifestyle really is.

The Master comments: I'd say it's very counterproductive. I know if I stay up till 3am reading a good book, then try to program databases at 8am, I suck. And game programming is MUCH more strenuous. On this article, this comment caught my eye:
It's like game designer Tom Hall tells me half-jokingly outside his office one night: People don't become gamers for fun, "we do it to work out our pain."
Heh-I can relate to that :-)

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