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Friday, May 12, 2000

Pondering the Imponderable

How can gaming websites afford to fly all their news hounds to E3 only to have them NOT post any news from the floor? The sites that HAVE posted news have mostly posted stuff that we already knew with one little factoid or the other thrown in. Either there really is nothing "new" being shown at E3 or everyone is wasting too much time shooting pics of the booth models. Billy Wilson over at Voodoo Extreme mused about how he was able to get E3 news up faster staying at home than by actually attending.

In other unrelated news, I yanked the Voodoo2 out of my computer. Yes, it gave me a lot more FPS in Unreal Tournament than my TNT, but the image quality is so poor it is intolerable for me. It was especially bad with smoke and ambient lighting effects. Ugh. Well, I'll just deal with the slow down until I can afford a find a cheap GeForce or TNT2 Ultra.

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