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Monday, May 15, 2000

GreenMarine Clears the Air

Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart updated his .plan with clarification on the reports flying around various news sites that Epic is dropping support for Linux and Mac, which is not true. They are dropping support for multiple graphics APIs in their engines.

What I think this will translate to is a delay of ports to other platforms since they will all need to be rewritten for each specific port instead of using APIs that are portable to other platforms. Personally, I think Epic got burnt by the triple API in their UT product and are trying to condense down API support, much like id did with their OpenGL-only decision.

A.T. Hun comments: It's not like Epic had a big commitment to Linux in the first place. GreenMarine slapped something together and then made the project (mostly) open source. I can't really picture GreenMarine writing an OpenGL renderer just for Linux. Unless they get some third party like Loki to do it, I can't imagine that a whole lot of effort will be thrown into a Linux port of the next engine.

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