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Monday, September 6, 1999

Them Bones, Them Bones . . .

John Carmack updated his .plan (it'll show up on Webdog today, trust me), saying that they decided to move Q3A to a skeletal model system. Here's a snip:
It looks like we are going to go to a skeletal model system. Jim Dose of Ritual had already started on an exporter from character studio, so we decided to just meet in the middle.

I implemented the loading and rendering support this weekend and tested it with a couple hand-inserted bones, so now we just need to write the glue between character studio and the new .md4 format.
Just a warning: as usual, his update is pretty technically-oriented. My eyes glazed over in a couple places. I do know this: the new skeletal system will look basically the same as the old Q3Test, but will save a boatload of memory. I consider that to be a Good Thing TM.

The really weird thing is that his plan update has 7:31 AM Pacific as the time stamp and I read it at 7:15 AM (9:15 Central). Eerie, huh? :)

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