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Wednesday, July 19, 2000

LithTech 1.5: Lesson Not Learned

Our very own Wraith, author of the Bloodbath Mod for Shogo, discovered that the same well-known exploit in LithTech 1.0 (Shogo) still exists in LithTech 1.5 (KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child). It just shows you how little Monolith listened to the problems Shogo players were encountering.

Oh, and Shogo fans, if you download the demo for Psycho Circus, take a look at client.exe in a file manager and tell me if something looks familiar :)

UPDATE! Wraith just heard back from Third Law and it appears that the server already catches this exploit so that it would not affect KPC:TNC multiplayer. Stay tuned . . .

UPDATE #2 Wraith got permission from Third Law's Mike Maynard regarding the exploit (which, I can now reveal, was the rapid-fire cheat):
This sounds like something we already thought of and fixed. Our server doesn't allow weapons to 'attack' faster than a specific amount of time that's been defined for each weapon. If someone changed the animation's attack rate, it would simply show the (fast) attack on that person's client, and the server would ignore it. Other client's would only see normal attacks that the server sends them.
That's great news. I feared that the game would have a cheat before it hit the shelves.

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